Best of the Worst: UKIP Local Candidates

David Lawrence - 26 04 19

Katie Fanning, Manchester

Katie Fanning (left) with Vincent Burke (AKA Vinnie Sullivan), head of The Reality Report (TRR)

Fanning is a member of UKIP’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), and is representing  the party in the Gorton & Abbey Hey ward of Manchester.

We have previously exposed Fanning promoting white nationalist propaganda alleging that there is an ongoing “white genocide”, a conspiracy theory long-propagated in racist circles to refer to a deliberate campaign of mass immigration, integration and miscegenation conducted by sinister (and often Jewish) elites.

Fanning has also claimed that there are “Muslim plans” to “outbreed” British people in order to install an Islamic dictatorship in the UK, “All whilst lying all the way until they achieve that goal”.

Fanning also has links to The Reality Report (TRR), a bizarre YouTube channel/gang headed by Vincent Burke (AKA Vinnie Sullivan) and the antisemite Alexander Sangmoore. Last year TRR activists were involved in violent clashes with antifascists following the UK conference of Generation Identity (GI), a group that advocates for a form of racial separatism, in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Fanning’s connection to the group stems from her relationship with Glenn Teale, a core TRR member who was involved in scuffles at protests held in support of the left-wing London book store Bookmarks, after staff members were harassed by far-right activists in August.

In January Fanning and Teale were photographed posing with James Goddard, a racist best known for harassing Anna Soubrey MP and journalist Owen Jones outside Parliament in recent months.

Fanning (left), with Teale (second left) and Goddard (right)

Alan Harris, Cherwell

Serial UKIP candidate Alan Harris

Alan Harris is standing again for UKIP in the Fingford and Heyfords ward in Cherwell, despite the fact that HOPE not hate revealed a series of racist and homophobic posts made on his Facebook page.

“A bacon sandwich = a piece of English heritage the fucking Muslims don’t want,” reads one post. Another reads “why cant [sic] i say in my own bloody country black is still a colour and gay are still queers”, and yet another reads “morrisons in LONDON won’t sell poppies so they won’t offend Muslims ? Firstly there wouldn’t be any fucking Muslims if our brave men and women had adopted that fucking treachorous attitude”.

Others label Romanians and Bulgarians as thieves, and contain anti-Muslim content originally posted by the Bolton branch of the British National Party (BNP).

When asked about the posts, The Independent reported that Harris claimed his Facebook account had been ‘hacked’, despite the fact the posts were made over the course of several years. Harris later denied ever having given a statement to the paper.

UKIP apparently launched an “investigation” into the posts at the time, although Harris has repeatedly made it back onto the ballot paper since.

Jeff Wyatt, Milton Keynes

UKIP candidate Jeff Wyatt in his For Britain days

Wyatt, representing UKIP in the Stony Stratford ward of Milton Keynes, is the former Deputy Leader of the For Britain Movement. For Britain is a far-right UKIP splinter group founded in October 2017 by former UKIP leadership contender and anti-Muslim activist Anne Marie Waters, in conjunction with former British National Party (BNP) star Jack Buckby.

We have exposed numerous examples of extreme racism within For Britain, which has been flooded with elements barred from joining UKIP, such as former members of the BNP. This did not perturb Wyatt from accepting the role of Deputy Leader in June 2018, and in July that year Wyatt claimed that he’d “never heard [Waters] speak one word I don’t agree with”.

This is despite the fact that Waters had, by this point, made a career from relentlessly associating Islam with violence and social degradation, and had been condemned in the press for having described Islam as “evil” and “a killing machine”.

Wyatt claimed that he resigned from For Britain in September 2018 due to its extreme new policy on immigration, and complained about “early onset autocracy” within the party, whilst still underlining that he had “much respect for Anne Marie’s thoughts and words” on Islam.

Despite this, Wyatt was expressly welcomed back into UKIP by leader Gerard Batten in September last year, saying something about the extremeness of anti-Muslim politics tolerated within UKIP at this stage.


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