For Britain’s links to racial separatist group Generation Identity

30 04 19

The For Britain Movement, who are standing 40 candidates in the local elections, continue to maintain links to the ‘identitarian’ movement which inspired the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque gunman.

The killer, who murdered 50 worshippers in March, drew on the far-right conspiracy theory of ‘The Great Replacement’ propagated by identitarians.

In the past, HOPE not hate has exposed the links For Britain has to various extremists, including fielding a candidate with a past in the now-banned neo-nazi group National Action.

Given the influence this movement had on the Christchurch mosque attacker, and the continued revelations that branches and activists in GI across Europe received large donations from the suspect, any links between British parties to the identitarian movement in the UK should cause deep concern.

Unsurprisingly, for a party that has, since our exposé, hosted Holocaust deniers, such concerns around extremism remain particularly high.

Sam Sibbons – London interim branch chair

Sam Sibbons, second on the right

Sibbons, who has been a core member of GI in the UK since its launch in July 2017, has also been a member of the For Britain London branch since November 2017. He remains a core, active member of both organisations.

Following the resignation of the London branch chair in March, Sibbons acted as the interim chair, and remains the campaigns organiser for the whole London branch. Sibbons was in the offing to stand as a candidate, though this has not manifested.

Above, Sibbons can be seen demonstrating alongside other GI UK activists outside the Austrian embassy in London earlier this month. The demonstration was to express their “disgust” at the investigations made by the Austrian government into Martin Sellner, co-leader of the Austrian branch of GI, in the wake of the revelation that he received a large sum of money from the suspected Christchurch murderer.

James Darron Quail – Candidate, Shoeburyness

Quail, who is standing as a candidate in Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea, is understood to be a supporter of GI UK through its ‘Generation Identity Support Group’ scheme, for supporters over 40 or those who do not want to take part publicly.

Such supporters make monthly donations to GI, potentially of up to £500, socialise with GI activists and, in some cases, have taken part in some street activity, including with French GI activists in January to take part in an annual march held by the Parisian GI branch.

Mark – For Britain supporter

Mark and For Britain leader, Anne Marie Waters

Regional second in command for GI London, Mark, attended a For Britain meeting at London’s Conway Hall, alongside Sibbons, on 7 April. In their Telegram group, GI UK welcomed his attendance and praised Anne Marie Waters, moreover.

Of his meeting with Waters, Mark tweeted that he had a “productive and insightful conversation” with her, calling her an “ardent defender of Britain and eloquent opponent of Islamisation.”

In an discussion on the UK GI YouTube channel, Mark also expressed his support for UKIP’s platform and the view that it has become comparable to that of the British National Party (BNP). He went on to praise this similarity, saying both have “quite reasonable” positions and made a point to praise the BNP, in particular, as they were “willing to address the hard issues”.

Despite appearing at For Britain’s meeting, he had stated in the video that the For Britain leadership “isn’t really there”.


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