More Links Between Generation Identity and Christchurch Mosque Killer Emerge

15 05 19

Martin Sellner corresponded with the mass killer and invited him for a beer.

Back in March it emerged that the Christchurch attacker who killed fifty people and wounded dozens more had donated €1,500 (£1,290) to Generation Identity in Austria before carrying out the attack.

As a result of the information Martin Sellner, the de facto spokesperson for Generation Identity and co-leader of the Austrian branch, had his home raided by the authorities. In a video released by Sellner at the time, he claimed he was being slandered by the mainstream press.

However, it has now emerged in the Austrian press that Sellner had exchanged emails with the killer and even invited him to Austria for a beer. Press reports claim that they were corresponding at least as recently as July 2018.

The Emails

It has now emerged that Sellner deleted the emails a mere 41 minutes before his home was raided and then later admitted to having done so while being interrogated.

According to a report by ORF, Austrian state TV, kindly translated by Sleeping Giants, the email exchanges between the two included the following:

Sellner: Thank you Brenton, I want to thank you personally for this incredible donation. This is my personal e-mail account, you can reach me here, if you want.

NZ Killer: It’s only a small amount compared to the huge work you do. It’s going to be a long road to victory but our people are getting stronger day by day.

Sellner even invited him to Austria:

Sellner: If you ever come to Vienna, we have to go for a coffee or a beer.

NZ Killer: Same for you, should you come to Australia or New-Zealand, we have people in both countries who would love to welcome you in their homes.

When Sellner sent the killer his YouTube channel he responded: “Fantastisch”. Sellner is also reported to have said, “”It´s great to see our unity in this time of danger!”

More Questions For GI Network

At the time of the attack my colleague Simon Murdoch wrote extensively about how Identitarianism, the ideology behind Generation Identity, was a key influence on the killer. These new revelations prove the links between the attacker and the GI network in Europe are more extensive than first thought.  

Many will of course now ask what other revelations are still to emerge now that Sellner’s original public account of his contact with the killer has been so discredited.

Attention should also turn to the rest of the Generation Identity network. It has already emerged that the killer also sent €2,000 to the French branch and whether others received money, including the British branch, will no doubt be of great interest to authorities across Europe.


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