Far Right Roundup

02 07 19

It was only a week or so ago I penned in anticipation that ongoing antagonisms in the ‘DIY’ movement were likely to end in acrimony.

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA), fresh from whatever their democratic activities are or were, were first to react by removing the National Front’s (NF) Tony Martin from a pub in London where a variety of far-right lovelies were holed up around a protest by former soldiers over the weekend.

Brannigan stirs the pot

Martin’s become somewhat of a social pariah even among his own membership of late, for allowing and contributing the NF’s fall into even further disrepair-something unimaginable given just how broken it was when he took it over last year. He was clearly not happy with the humiliation that the sort of blokes one often assumes would have no issue with the NF’s Nazism and stupidity actually taking offence at the NF’s Nazism and stupidity. Apparently, Martin was as sick as a parrot with the humiliation.

‘NF leader provides magnificent pun shocker’

The NF are, of course, threatening retribution over on their Facebook pages, against the DFLA for the humiliation. Unsurprisingly it forms another huge part of the world Jewish/Zionist conspiracy. Chief on the list of those upset by Martin’s removal from the pub is Sunderland based Pamela Brannigan. Brannigan was for a short while a big fish in the Football Lads Alliance. Since that group collapsed (in some kind of financial acrimony) she has moved closer to the National Front. Obviously, the NF care little about Brannigan’s history of hoodwinking genuinely patriotic types with her dubious ‘Help for Heroes’ fundraising.

And the knives come out…

No sooner had Tony Martin been removed from a pub then ‘Tommy Robinson’ fanboy ‘Danny Tommo’ (Daniel Thomas) also found himself cornered by similar types who took it upon themselves to remove and confiscate his mobile phone. According to ‘Tommo’ a failed kidnapper, this is ungentlemanly conduct of the highest order and he has never used his mobile phone to beg for funds to do his voyeurism around the victims of sexual grooming and violence.

‘Tommo’ claims he gets nothing and asks for nothing

This will be one to watch.


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