‘Tommy Robinson in drugs shocker’

24 07 19

The allegation that Lennon spent other people’s money on Colombian marching powder to power his faux journalism will shock few people. After all, we hardly expected him to use his own money, did we? That the allegation (I’m certain there will be more) comes from Lennon’s former co-conspirator in begging emails and vlogs, Lucy Brown, should also come as little surprise.

Credit: @libcomorg

Lucy’s loose lips sink drug ships

There will be probably be one or two other far-right types worried about what else they allowed Brown to witness as she made her witless way around the country in the search for friends. Brown has, since the ‘revelation’ was made public, gone to ground. Let’s just hope she was not the victim of some kind of secret filming or recording.

Avi ‘Breadboard’ Yemini says drug claim is “fake news”.

Jumping to Lennon’s defence (well, more of a deflection) is Australia’s least favourite ‘Tommy’ cheer leader, Avi Yemini. Yemini pleaded guilty last week to assaulting his ex-wife- by throwing a bread board at her head.

Apparently, like most things that embarrass or bring shame on this motley crew, Brown’s allegation are “fake news.” Rather like that bread board thrown at your ex-missus, eh Avi?

Never mind the shame and the embarrassment of giving an American military salute to the unknown soldier in Moscow, Britain First’s criminal lout and leader Paul Golding, has decided to say very little about his own (further) potential troubles, which arrived in the name of a fine by the Electoral Commission. The £44,000 fine was handed down for “multiple breaches of the law”.

The electoral watchdog released a statement via Twitter, in which Director of Regulation Louise Edwards stated Britain First’s “inability to meet certain basic requirements led to a disappointing lack of transparency into the party’s finances”.

She added: “The party’s failure to comply with a statutory notice is a serious offence and shows a disregard for the law.”

Who else should be worried by Lucy’s frown?

Of course, like in all these cases, it appears the defenders’ of our moral, Christian values get a little too free and easy with monies donated to them by the masses of desperate and disheveled individuals. These people think their monies are being donated to the far-right’s war on tourism when actually it appears instead of getting spent hounding foreigners and ‘darkies’ it’s actually getting pissed up the wall, snorted off bog seats or wankered- away on trips to IKEA.

Britain First have not, according to the Guardian, been registered with the Electoral Commission since 2017. We do know that they did attempt to re-register earlier this year, but apparently Andrew Edge licked the wrong side of the stamp (that’s patriotism for you!)

Anyway, in the tradition of “fake news”, the details of Britain First’s fraud are that they failed to keep accurate financial records of transactions in 2016; failing to file any quarterly donation reports in 2016, totalling £200,000 of undeclared donations; £5,500 for not having its 2016 accounts professionally audited; and a final £20,000 – the maximum possible – for failing to provide information sought by the commission.

Please make sure you send any loose change to Britain First’s latest begging emails…

Two old ‘friends’ have been herded off to gaol this week for an attack on an MPs office. Colin Dodds and Alan Dent are well known to us at HOPE towers. Their sphere of influence and hatred has for years carried them from the EDL to the North East Infidels, to Bishop Auckland Against Islam and even National Action! If they had spent as much time looking for work as they did terrorising people they did not like, you would think they’d have been too busy to smash Helen Goodman’s office windows. Needless to say, this act of ‘Stella Jihad’ was fuelled by Brexit and a hatred of Cultural Marxism (whatever that is).

Colin Dodds and Alan Dent smashed two windows at Ms Goodman’s constituency office on Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, with house bricks on the evening of Saturday, April 6. The pair claimed they were just on their way home (armed with bricks) when they decided to lob them through the windows of Ms Goodman’s office.

Doods (right) protecting National Action founder Paul Hickman in 2016

And finally, James Goddard, all that is good and pure about begging for cash to carry out stupid acts, has been banned from Parliament Square for five years.

Goddard pleaded guilty so as to avoid going to prison. He clocks up his conviction for harassing a woman going to her place of work, to sit alongside his other most recent highlight, assaulting a journalist.

A ban from Parliament Square isn’t likely to dent his political aspirations. We all know Churchill was constantly pissed outside pubs abusing people with a box of Chow Mein in his hand and on YouTube with fag in hand bragging about his middle class step-father. That’s what made him so brilliant, apparently.

Goddard: Climbing a tree
near you soon

Along with his conviction for racially aggravated harassment, Goddard should be PM by Christmas.


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