Former National Action activist jumps on Robinson bandwagon

30 07 19

Last year we exposed former National Action activist Jake Bewick as being involved in Generation Identity. There was little surprise that hardline neo-Nazi Bewick was also involved with the National Front.

Bewico out with his National Action chums

Since he was exposed Bewick has been making much ado that he was “stitched up”, most probably concerned that he too could end up with his former race-warrior friends in a prison somewhere.

It appears Bewick has now latched himself onto the campaign to free criminal thug Stephen Lennon who uses the name Tommy Robinson.

Bewick turned up on ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protests in Manchester last weekend, a weekend when antiracist and antifascist campaigners were assaulted.

Neo-Nazi Bewick turning up does actually come as some surprise. The people behind the proposed canonization of Lennon have been strenuously trying to portray Lennon as some kind of criminal Saint and not an associate of and inspiration to neo-Nazis and violent psychopaths.

Bewick, now a part of the Tommy Robinson fan club?

While Bewick, from Sheffield was leading fans of ‘Tommy Robinson’ on a rampage Manchester, the people behind Stephen Lennon’s website ‘Tommy Robinson News’ were launching an orchestrated attack on another nazi and associate of the now disgraced and discarded Lucy Brown, Mark Collett.

In the run up to the Manchester protest Bewick issued a video saying he was looking forward to the day and was encouraging all kinds of fascists, neo-Nazis and patriots to unite.

Given the people behind ‘Tommy Robinson News’ took such apparent issue with Mark Collett’s well-known Antisemitism, one wonders why they have taken no such issues with Bewick’s association with people that went on to form a terrorist outfit bent on murdering an MP and police officer?


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