Impeach the MFer. American Lives Depend On It.

16 08 19

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According to Vice’s Tess Owen “At least six men have been arrested for making terroristic threats, stockpiling weapons, or plotting attacks since the [El Paso] massacre.” The day after Owen’s piece was published, Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick reported that “10,000 Rounds Of Ammo And 25 Guns Were Seized From A Teenager Posting Far-Right Memes On iFunny And Discord”

Huffington Post’s Any Campbell, writing about the two year anniversary of the Unite the Right white supremacist in Charlottesville and how hate has “flourished” since then reminds readers that “Domestic extremists, most of whom are white supremacists, killed at least 50 people in the U.S. in 2018 alone, and since Charlottesville have been tied to a long list of massacres, including those in Pittsburgh; Santa Fe, Texas; Poway, California; Tallahassee, Florida; Jeffersontown, Kentucky; and Aztec, New Mexico.” 

Domestic terrorism inspired by White Supremacy a crisis that puts American lives in danger. The Trump Administration seems content to keep ignoring the problem and the President himself continues to incite violence with his rhetoric and actions. This week Trump has taken to retweeting Clinton Body Count conspiracy theories and twitter handles that amplify QAnon. 

If you can’t tell, I’m frustrated. 

I’ve always tried to steer the newsletter away from being merely an anti-Trump outlet. There are plenty of people and organizations that already do that better than I can. I’ve also felt it was important to emphasize that President Trump is a symptom of a global far-right movement not the whole of it and that getting rid of Trump wouldn’t make said far-right movement disappear. But President Trump is now the leader of the far right, he has the biggest megaphone in the world, and he’s using it on a sometimes hourly basis to incite his base to hate and violence. 

As former tea party darling Joe Walsh (yes we’ve reached the point where I’m agreeing with Joe Walsh. That’s how messed up things are.) said in the New York Times this week. “At the most basic level, Mr. Trump is unfit for office.” Walsh is calling for a Republican to primary President Trump from the right but he clearly grasps the immediate danger, writing “The fact is, Mr. Trump is a racial arsonist who encourages bigotry and xenophobia to rouse his base and advance his electoral prospects. In this, he inspires imitators.”

This isn’t sustainable. The 2020 elections have never felt more important but they’re also more than a year away. For me, Impeachment is less a constitutional mandate and more of an imperative to keep Americans safe. If you’re lucky enough to have Congressional Representation, now would be a great time to let your Congressperson and Senators know where you stand on impeachment either through a phone call or an August recess in-district event.

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