From Banners To Bullets: The International Identitarian Movement

- 22 08 19

“From Banners to Bullets” is a new comprehensive report from HOPE not hate which lifts the lid on the secretive Identitarian movement, what they believe, how far they have spread, and how their ideology is inspiring acts of violence.

Our report shows how identitarian groups are active in at least 23 countries around the world making this one of the most dangerous far-right networks currently active. Through a combination of short profiles, longer articles and maps this report goes country-by-country, giving an unprecedented overview of the whole identitarian movement, including the prominent youth network Generation Identity (GI), in Europe, North America and around the world.

  • Generation Identity is the largest and most active identitarian street movement, active at the time of writing in at least 9 countries across Europe alone and with over 63 regional branches of varying sizes across the continent.
  • Identitarianism is becoming increasingly influential amongst the North American far right. One group, the American Identity Movement, is now active across the USA.
  • The report also includes an exclusive infiltration of GI in the UK which saw HOPE not hate acquire thousands of internal messages and campaign and planning documents. The infiltrator tells his story and reveals extensive extremist links and exposes GI activists who are in the British Navy.
  • In Europe, identitarianism is a much broader movement than just GI. We explore other activist groups, think-tanks, websites, newspapers, bars, boxing clubs, clothing labels, publishers, ideologues and much else that support identitarianism.
  • Identitarianism is a dangerous ideology which gives its followers an ultimatum: Get active or be “replaced” by non-white and, especially, Muslim immigrants. Identitarianism was an influence on the Christchurch, Poway and El Paso massacres in 2019. This report explains exactly why this ideology is so dangerous.
  • Identitarianism has its own lexicon, often designed to make their extreme ideology more palatable. This report includes a useful glossary that explains the key terms they use and what they really mean.

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