Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 03 09 19

Everyone’s favourite far-right scrounger and potential crowned ponce of the yellow revolution, James Goddard, has been released by Greater Manchester Police. This is after spending Monday night in the cells for shouting stupid words at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a city centre carpark.

Armed with a loudhailer and flanked by Miss Whiplash, Mr Whippy and the bloke with a really interesting history, Goddard and friends shouted ‘traitor’ and other long words at the Labour leader’s car.

Goddard: Whipping up a storm

When challenged by the police Goddard took to begging for clemency as the handcuffs went on- apparently worried that he would be charged with another offence whilst on license. He need not have worried; stalking MPs remains, still, an apparently stupendous British pastime. 

Another jailbird, superhuman Stephen Yaxley Lennon, had a bit of bad news himself earlier in the day. Lennon, who uses his criminal alias ‘Tommy Robinson’ in his war against tourism, apparently applied for legal aid and despite his large house and alleged substantial earnings, was turned down. 

Lennon: Never yet crippled by poverty or named Tommy Robinson

This is of course, according to the combined braincell that furnishes the world with daily updates of woe and heroism by the incarcerated crusader, it is an enormous outrage-possibly even further evidence of Cultural Marxism and Sharia in action.  They wrote the above as a likely prelude to an appeal for more filthy lucre.

Yep, straight from the top shelf, that one.  Just in case anybody needs reminding, his name is not Tommy Robinson.

I have been reliably informed that Nicholas Griffin, former leader of the filthy rich and morally (even for Nazis) bankrupt British National Party (BNP), has taken not inconsiderable umbrage over a series of articles I have written about his eagerly anticipated come back.   He has now decided there will be no new party this year and he no longer wants to attend the party in his honour that was planned for later this month. The organisers’ of the evening are somewhat put out by the awful chain of events.  Griffin’s remaining supporters (except Jack Renshaw), will now be celebrating ten years since the BNP won two seats in the European Parliament without either of the people who took those ill-fated seats. 

Griffin: Got pissed off and pissed off

 Such disappointments bring with them great opportunities and with them not-so-great opportunists.  Eddie Morrison has been active on the British Nazi scene for decades. That in itself is a marvellous achievement.  Most of this time has been spent splitting groups and declaring himself leader, before quitting and starting again.  He’s now launching a new party in his own image. It will probably look like a bottle of cider.


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