Far-Right Roundup

17 09 19

Outrage and paranoia greeted last week’s blog about the activities of the London Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

According to those in their secret group on Faceache, access was granted, probably, by either that well-known firm of ‘Fenians’ that is Facebook (they have an office in Dublin), or Mossad (obviously).

The Peaky Blinders UDA Brigade were outraged etc, etc

With rumbles and mumbles the investigation went on and even included the claim I had sold the sexy story to a certain Scottish newspaper. I hadn’t- the no doubt cheeky ‘Fenians’ probably nicked it.  There wasn’t even a shekel in the post for my considerable troubles. Oh well.

Needless to say there was unpleasantries in Glasgow a couple of days later, but the locals managed plenty of their own with no sign of any (other) fat Cockney lads on the train up from the smoke.

Who said I was detracting?

In fact, only Peter Rushton and Stead Steadman were seen, but only as far as Preston where they decamped. They probably lived-it large in the back parlour of Mark Cotterill’s mansion for the duration of the day surrounded by quaffed ales and badges Cotterill can’t seem to flog.

Simpson: Swansea based admin for the UDA in England

The three oddballs were meeting and putting together another side-splitting adventure in publishing that is their magazine Heritage & Degeneracy. Allegedly, they’ve dug up some more dirt on some Holocaust-denying Pariah they no longer like. She, by the way, has allegedly asked for police protection next Monday while she is up at Chesterfield Magistrates Court.  I wonder who (still alive) she has upset so much she feels she needs the protection of plod?

I digress; the outrage with the security breach of London UDA’s Facebook page led to some heavyweight head scratching and so it was that the group’s admin Mark Simpson, Swansea’s very own Mr Nobody, made hallowed threats and promises.

Glasgow provided its own resistance to Irish Unity in the end

Obviously, I cannot get in their group any more. Not now the dozy admin has realised his error. 

A rather tetchy argument broke out during this very week when newly self-proclaimed Führer Mark Collett took issue with For Britain’s Eddy Butler.

These two have history going back years, back to when they were both bright young things (well, young in Collett’s case) in the British National Party (BNP). Although they have been friendly since that party went to the dogs and down the bog, there is something about Butler that has always seemed to irk Collett.  I’ve never been told what exactly that is, but I am assured by persons close to Mr Butler that he has never kidnapped Collett or jumped out of a wardrobe at him dressed in a Batman outfit, like many of his other racial brethren have done over the years. Maybe that’s the issue?

Halal: Not everyone’s happy

Anyway, Collett appears to have (like a lot of other British fascists) taken great issue with the lack of Jew-hating in For Britain.

Wot no Jews?

When it comes to hating Muslims and or Jews, the great British fascist is obsessed by the welfare of animals. Where Comrade Butler falls comparatively short is often evidenced by the daily updates he gives his followers on social media as to what he has eaten that day.  He’s become almost as bad as the historical bore and former BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby.

Maybe these boys will have a straightner at the ballot box?

Whilst Collett is trying to score points to raise his profile and that of his new party against the likes of ‘Steady Eddy’, let’s not forget about what will happen when he finally decides to throw his considerable vanity to the mercy of the British electorate. Images of Collett half-dressed, crying and in his underpants praising Hitler will get more airtime than the BBC even gave over to promoting the new series of Peaky Blinders. 

These sorts of arguments about who is worse- Muslims or Jews- rumble on as the angst malingers that the puritans of racial nationalism remain are, remain side-lined by the antics of the Paypal generation and their degeneracy.  Few British Nazis can raise themselves from their beds, let alone the ashes of their own misfortune.

Talking of ashes, beds and misfortune, how about an update on the mysteriously and conveniently still at liberty and smoking like a draft-dodger on the government payroll, Ben Raymond? Go on then.

Raymond has taken to flogging his design wares on the interweb- probably in an effort to pay for whatever treatment he needs on the seedless oranges he keeps protected in his Swindon ashtray.

Raymond: Shooting blanks

Despite forming the terror group  National Action, Raymond still remains at liberty unlike most of the rest of his brethren. Ignoring that huge, gaping fact, the great ‘leader’ is being his usual edgy and catchy self by selling shite to his one supporter. The irony of the Tshirt design, ‘True Friends Hang Together’ won’t be lost on anybody. Raymond is free while those who followed his degenerate mutterings are not. Hardly together at all, is it?

Anyone who wants an idea of how sick his febrile mind is, need only google to find other examples of his deviant art.

Should’ve called it ‘we’re all (not)in it together’

Despite the absolute liberty of his ongoing liberty, Raymond continues to opine about his brilliance and recently popped up offering advice on the government’s terror guidelines to some dullards.  Producing the guidelines were the same government that is yet to answer whether they were aware that Raymond met with the leader of the American terrorist outfit Atomwaffen Division in London on the eve of the group engaging in murder and terrorism a few years back.

As well as terrorism, Satanism and ‘White Jihad,’ both groups had or have an obsession with paedophilia.  It should come as no surprise that Atomwaffen’s on ‘Ben’, Benjamin Bogard was recently sentenced to 80 months for possessing child porn and indecent images of children.

Sadly, we are going to be seeing more and more of the adherents’ of both the National Action and Atomwaffen Division before courts for crimes against children and women.

Thew: Not an apparent Fisherman’s friend

And finally, here is Jimmy Thew from West Yorkshire out fishing with his friends.  He proudly posted his video to Facebook. Worrying, eh? Thankfully not everybody on his Facebook page was impressed by his stupidity.


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