Meet the Cambridge graduate who loves Hitler and hates Jews

Matthew Collins - 12 11 19

Back in 2017 Oliver Bel never thought his hate-filled communications on the far-right extremist Iron March forum would ever see the light of day.

Manchester based Bel had made a number of provocative statements believing his identity would always remain secret. This allowed Bel to make statements such as ‘Jews are parasites, well known for nepotism and financial corruption… Extermination is the best option for them.’

In recent days since the release of a raft of data from the forum, mathematics graduate Bel has admitted he was a member of the forum. He had little choice; he used his real name and other identifying information such as age and University course when he signed up.

Bel attributes his upbringing, coming from a ‘broken family’ and attendance at a multicultural school as key and defining attributes to the development of his views. These include a belief that ‘Homosexuality is perverse and unnatural behaviour’ These sorts of words perhaps explain why his best friend who was gay, came to shun him.

Have a guess….

Like many who were fooled, Bel believed that National Action were active at universities as students and not simply malcontents. His time at Cambridge (from where he recently graduated) was hardly the recruiting ground he had hoped.

His sense of superiority and cleverness was his downfall. By all accounts he was shunned by most other students and quite recently he has found himself the subject of the government’s ‘Prevent’ scheme. The Bel family have had quite a few visits from their officers in recent weeks.

Had National Action not been proscribed when it was (December 2016) Bel would probably have made his way into the terror gang. That disappointment has not stopped him now falling under the dubious influence of ‘Professor’ John Kersey aka Professor Edmond John Kersey De Polanie-Patrikios- a strange fellow by any standards. Researchers have had plenty to say about his academic and religious qualifications, most of which it is alleged to have been bought.

Feel free toask

Kersey is a regular speaker against feminism and a self declared ‘expert’ in educational needs of children at the Traditional Britain group meetings is now happily partnered with Kathleen Dermont, who used to be the wife of ‘Redwatch’ thug Kevin Watmough.

Despite ditching Watmough for Kersey, the three of them live together in a nice large house in Shropshire where they bring up all of their children together.

I wonder if this is on his CV?

With good advice like that, let’s hope Mr Bel finds a job away from Jews, blacks, Asians, gay people, refugees etc, etc, because it appears he hates them all.

Mr Bel deleted all his social media accounts yesterday


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