Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 13 11 19

Hardly surprising news that Oliver Bel is threatening to sue us over yesterday’s blog. The Hitler admiring Jew-hater feels he may suffer “reputational damage” from us warning potential employers’ and the general public that Bel may miss one of two things off his otherwise impressive resume.

My attention was also drawn to a conversation Bel had where he proclaimed he wanted to “go on a spree.” I had little idea what sort of spree he wanted to go on- it could have been a shopping spree for Hitler inspired slippers for all I know.

But when his friend asked him to “stream” this spree, I dunno, I got somewhat of a different idea.

Anyway, Que Sera, Sera as they say down my local.

More on “Daddy Terror”

Talking of “sprees”, far be it for me to bang on and on about violent neo-Nazis all day when the weather is so nice, but I want to come back to the story of Zack Davies again.

Ben Raymond, knew exactly who Zack Davies was

Having firmly established the would-be killer met with the leader of National Action Christopher Lythgoe, some may think porn artist Ben Raymond is somehow scot-free.

Well, the leaked forums of Iron March have thrown up another little gem. Here is Raymond, “Daddy Terror”, talking about Davies (Rockerz 88) having lots of National Action stickers. Isn’t it amazing what comes out in the wash? Tick-tock, tick tock as they say down the ‘Farmer’.

Bin Bags & Biffers head for Coventry

This weekend, Britain First continues to rise like a Phoenix from the ashtray with a conference in Coventry. Yes, never mind the two tone, monotone will be order of the day as Golding and co prance around in binbags and putty socks. The entire day will be one big begging letter with a guest appearance by Degenerate Identity’s Charlie Fox.

Binbags and Biffers head for Coventry

Many have questioned whether Golding has made the right decision here. As long as nobody is staying in a hotel afterwards, what could possibly go wrong?

The National Front has a little problem, or two…

And finally. Last weekend was the smallest Remembrance Sunday parade by the National Front (NF), ever! Hats off to their leader Tony Martin, he is even more useless than his predecessor- and he drove himself into a bus! Even John ‘Gil’ Gould refused to show his face, claiming the party was finished.

At least convicted gunrunner Terry Blackham found it funny

Despite claiming they were going to have a larger march than usual, it appears there was a boycott of sorts due to the rumoured/anticipated appearance of Holocaust liar Alison Chabloz, with whom some in the NF take issue.

Chabloz failed to appear and just eighteen Nazis managed the march of disgrace. Many people ask why it is the NF is still allowed the march, others ask what it is they march for at all, given they batted for the other team etc.

Also missing was Jordan Pont, the inept Deputy Chairman. It appears Mr Pont has been removed from post, reducing the party membership to just 35. But watch this space, Pont is not a happy bunny, so this should be very funny in the near future.

The NF began their march to the Cenotaph decades ago in protest at South Africa and Rhodesia being kicked out of the Commonwealth, meaning South African and Rhodesian deaths were not commemorated in the earlier service attended by politicians, royals, the military and so on.

More recently it has been a protest at the second world war, in their vernacular a “brothers war.”  We being on the wrong side and all that.

Yep, it really was that small

What really winds the NF up is the increasing diversity on display at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. Gradually Britain is waking up to the fact we did not fight Hitler on our own and there are tens of thousands of marked and unmarked graves across the world filled with the bodies of men and women of all creeds and colours who answered the call to fight fascism and Nazism.

To rightly recognise this is somewhat of a double affront to the shrinking National Front.

Adding further insult to the day, was the NF once more dragging Richard Edmonds out to speak.  Edmonds was too frail to march and so was kept at the rallying point in Whitehall. We’ll spare Mr Edmonds the embarrassment by not publishing the photos of his trousers falling down and being held up by string. As long as he puts into the collection, eh lads??

Will we finally see the back of the NF?

So poor was the NF’s turn out that two black women actually tried to join them at the Cenotaph- out of respect to all war dead.

Another affront to the NF no doubt, as they had the unknowing women quickly removed.

Isn’t it time we stopped this national disgrace?


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