Nazi exposed by HOPE not hate found guilty

Matthew Collins - 22 04 21

Former Cambridge University student Oliver Bel was today found guilty at Manchester Crown Court after being caught in possession of the notorious Anarchist Cookbook, which includes bomb-making designs.

The court heard how Bel was in contact with the now banned nazi-terror group National Action, and several high profile activists from the group attended his trial.

Bel’s prosecution came about following the publication of two HOPE not hate blogs in November 2019, which revealed his true political views, especially his extreme and vulgar hatred of Jews.

We revealed that Bel, writing under his own name on the Iron March nazi forum, said: 

“Jews are parasites, well known for nepotism and financial corruption… Extermination is the best option for them.”

The second blog focused on Bel’s apparent desire to do something ‘spectacular’ – even stream himself on some kind of ‘killing spree’.

These blogs were referenced several times during the trial and even read out in court in one instance.

Furious with our blog, Bel contacted us after we published, claiming that our reporting could possibly stop the mathematics graduate getting a good job. Our response was that anything alerting future employers to his hatred was a good thing.

Our initial articles alerted the authorities, and Bel was soon raided by counter-terrorism officers. He was found to be in possession of (among other things) the Anarchist Cookbook, a favourite for DIY terrorists tinkering with the idea of making bombs.

Bel drew support from the same sort of sycophants that had also supported and rallied around the convicted Nazi terrorist and paedophile Jack Renshaw. Bel wrote to us twice and repeatedly tried to ring us, but his threats of legal action unsurprisingly came to nothing.

He seemed rather pleased and preoccupied with the idea that articles about him had been removed by Google, whom he described as a “notoriously left wing company”.

During the trial at Manchester Crown Court it was revealed that Bel had also been in touch with Alex Davies, the founder of the terror group National Action and who is, amazingly, still at liberty. Davies even turned up in the evidence given last month in the court case against Benjamin Hannam, the police officer convicted of membership of the terror group.

Bel, of Eccles Road, Salford, denied possessing a document containing information useful to terrorism, but the jury did not buy his defence.

He had also originally refused to wear a mask in court, claiming he was exempt due to what he described as his Asperger’s. After the judge threatened to revoke his bail, the hardline nazi complied.

HOPE not hate had initially traced Bel from the notorious ‘Iron March’ forum which was home to a number of far-right terrorists, including “Daddy Terror” Ben Raymond, who, like Davies, remains at liberty.


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