28 04 21

Ben Raymond, co- founder of the now banned terror group National Action finally had his day in court this week. He’s charged with three counts of possessing information useful to a terrorist and it is alleged that – after the 2016 ban on National Action – Raymond continued to share the group’s ideology and actively participated in it, including by assisting with the production of propaganda material.

We won’t be commenting further on the case but rather, would like to point to the penchant- still, for the still wearing of shorts as though he is some kind of ageing member of the Hitler Jugend, by Raymond’s court chum, Stead Steadman.

Steady Steadman cutting a dash with the fash

Steadman’s been rather out of favour with the British far right since he was exposed by a HOPE not hate undercover sting. The upshot of the sting was the total collapse of a series of far right discussion groups ‘Stead’ had graced with his presence. In one piece of correspondence we saw, the London Forum went through its mailing list removing the names and details of a host of anyone that had been added to their lists by Steadman without being properly vetted (surprisingly by HOPE not hate).

Turning up in the same old attire as ever to court with Ben Raymond, will have done little to increase Stead’s reputation as incohate. But it certainly gave Twitter a good laugh.


No sooner had the ink gone dry on a rather run of the mill blog about a hard core Soho pornographer hooking up with the ultra-Religious and righteous sect of yesterday’s people, they decided to have a falling out. Now I’m not sure whether it is because pornographer and comic delight Steve Squire was after some kind of distribution deal on some of Ms Fransen’s earlier work or not, but despite gazing into each other’s eyes for a PG rated YouTube chat, it did not take long for the knives to come out. Fransen has made a complete cock-up of her party [not a party] nominations for the Scottish Elections. Despite being the British Freedom Party (BFP), the BFP is apparently not an actual political party so their candidates will be independents’ come polling day.

Griffin & Fransen’s (not a) political party

When Squire (who had a habit of cock-ups himself when he was shunted from one idiotic position to another in the British National Party) seized the opportunity for a Coup d’état based on the evident incompetence of Fransen, Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin- he found himself in hot water. Apparently, the three degrees of stupidity that is that particular trio moved swiftly to dump Squire from the party due to his ‘previously unknown’ associations with pornography and drugs. And getting knocked out by Eddy Butler.

‘Happy Hour’: Squire and Fransen hours before splitting

I’m not one for gossip, obviously, but rumour on the grapevine is Squire called Dowson a ‘HOPE not hate grass’ and Dowson responded by calling Squire a ‘Dildo salesman’. Squire, who sells multiracial gangbang classics from his sodden SOHO sex corner has run with ‘exclusive’ details to the lumpen sewer at Heritage & Destiny with a ‘kiss and tell story about Griffin, Dowson etc, etc. Whether it will be as good as his previous kiss and tell, remains to be seen. Mark ‘Chi Chi’ Cotterill is no doubt getting all hot under the collar writing it all up (but deleting the bits about himself.)


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