Far Right Round Up

Matthew Collins - 04 06 21

When is a fascist not a fascist? the answer is, when the fascists tell the free press they are not a fascist! Confused? You probably are.

These days everyone is (apparently) a fascist. Yet many real and actual fascists refuse to accept they are fascists themselves. There’s also nowt like a real fascist shouting ‘fascist’ at people who aren’t actually fascists. Still confused?

Golding:  Likes a nice uniform and a criminal conviction
Paul Golding: Britain First Leader and fascist

There’s a rule of thumb about what possibly dictates what fascism and a fascist is: Dressing up in uniforms, belief that one ‘strong’ leader is a better alternative to elected representatives, dressing up in uniforms, harassing the free press, acting against the organised working classes, domestic violence, creating fear and panic through the use of racist tropes and most importantly – dressing up in uniforms.

Now you see it…

More than most far right parties in Britain (of whom we could have the discussion about being Nazis,) Britain First fit the mould as your (very) average fascist organisation. Shamelessly so.

The word has been so cyber-shipped into modern vernacular that the word’s actual meaning has been lost. Paul Golding – Britain’s proto-fascist – may think it is a description of a lesbian that has adopted a child and not that of a man of his substantial and criminal stature.

Last month the Herts Advertiser ran a story about Herr Golding and his non-political political party Britain First taking issue with St Albans Cathedral displaying a portrait of a black Jesus. The print, by Lorna May Wadsworth, has been placed at the Altar of the Persecuted in the North Transept of St Albans Cathedral. The church said it was in “support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement”.

Now you don’t

What with the future of Christendom on these very isles resting on the say-so of Britain First leader ‘Pontiff’ Paul Golding, it wasn’t long before – from his makeshift office in the lounge of some Wetherspoons somewhere – he issued a solemn decree that “This is deeply sacrilegious and offensive to all true Christians, but the politically correct, woke liberals who run the church don’t care.”

The Herts Advertiser duly and correctly ran the headline “Fascist group condemns black Jesus painting at St Albans Cathedral.” Then, apparently, began a complaints process where the fascists began trying to dictate who can call them a fascist and who cannot. The small news org decided it didn’t really need all the grief that comes with fascists and duly changed the headline to ‘far right.’ That also was not quite enough for Golding and according to the article’s author “he also asked me to remove mention of his conviction for criminal damage. He didn’t have a problem with mention of his other convictions for assault and other stuff like that.”

Anna Maria enters the race

Anna Maria Enters Batley Fray

Irish woman Anna Maria Waters has announced she will stand in the forthcoming Batley & Spen byelection. Standing for the For Britain Movement, Anna Maria (who appears to prefer an Anglicised ‘Anne Marie’) will be standing in front of a Union Flag and banging on and on about immigration and lying politicians. She’s delighted to announce she will be out campaigning in the constituency with convicted fraudster Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) to drive home their message about political liars, fraudsters and conmen. All we need now is Britain First leader Paul Golding to get involved…

Why does Anna Maria not use her real name?

A Crowded Field?

There has been little word from Britain First as to whether they will or can stand in the byelection. (Tasteless as it would be given that a previous MP in that seat was murdered by a racist shouting “Britain First.”)

Ms Waters joins former Britain First Deputy leader Jayda Fransen who announced her candidacy for the seat late last week. Fresh from her absolute humiliation in the Scottish elections last month, Fransen is standing as an independent once more because her political party British Freedom is still not an actual party. Like Ms Waters, Fransen will be banging on and on about immigration, Christianity and Islam.

Many people will probably say we’ve come a long way in Britain when we can safely say we have so many leading female figures in our far right. I guess that is one way of looking at it. I’m fairly certain John Tyndall would no doubt be turning in his spittoon.

Waters and Lennon together in a previous incarnation

The real interest (for me) is actually in the men hiding behind both candidates. Waters will be hoping the ‘popular’ former English Defence League (EDL) leader and career criminal Lennon will raise her profile when the two head to the constituency later this month. Fransen is hoping the advice and as yet worthless tutelage of the former MEP Nick Griffin and his on-off sidekick Jim Dowson double act will reap her political dividends.

Fransen: Law and order candidate, probably

Earlier this week there were a series of leaked exchanges between Fransen and her (former) supporters over just how little leadership she has been able to exert on her political career as leader of a political party that is not a political party. News that Ms Waters is also standing will no doubt be giving Nick Griffin nightmares over the last time he went head to head with Lennon when the two clashed very publicly when Griffin led the British National Party and Lennon led the rival EDL.

Fransen: What would Jesus say about that?


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