‘They Shall Not Pass: 100 years of fascism and anti-fascism’

18 05 23

On 6 May 1923, the British Fascisti was launched by Rotha Lintorn-Orman. Modelled on Mussolini’s National Fascist Party, which had marched to power in Italy the previous year, the event marked the birth of British fascism. Alive to the danger, people began to oppose fascism immediately, starting a British anti-fascist tradition that continues to this day.

This year is the 100th anniversary of these events, and an opportunity to tell the story of British fascism and anti-fascism together. Sadly, despite a century of opposition and the revelation of the Holocaust, fascism has survived in this country and continues to pose a very real danger.

To mark these events, HOPE not hate has produced a report which includes profiles of the major fascist individuals and groups, and those who most successfully opposed them, over the past century. It tells stories of dangerous times, heart-breaking loss, fear, hatred and violence. Yet it also celebrates remarkable acts of resistance, bravery, sacrifice and progress.

The 100-year anniversary is, above all, an opportunity to celebrate the tireless and brave work of so many who stood up and said: “No Pasaran!”.

However, this is not just a moment to look back to see what worked, what did not and why, but also a chance to draw inspiration and energy for the battles we still face today.

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This report includes contributions from a broad array of academics, journalists and anti-fascist activists with different political backgrounds and analysis. Not every contributor necessarily agrees which individuals, groups and tactics were most important or effective, or even how to define anti-fascism and the authors do not necessarily condone every tactic discussed.

We have taken a relatively broad approach to anti-fascism. We include the stories of those people who physically opposed fascism but also those countless, and often nameless, people who knocked on doors, delivered leaflets, ran education programs, organised workers or tenants associations, infiltrated groups, attended demonstrations and concerts and published exposés.

We have also tried to show the wonderful diversity of people and communities that have dedicated their time to fighting fascism. The stories in this report show how people of different political backgrounds, genders, religions, ethnicities and classes stood up to defend themselves and others who have been targeted by fascism.

Despite its limitations, we strongly believe that this report is unique in its scope and ambition. It brings the story of fascism and anti-fascism together into what we hope is an accessible and engaging way.

We hope that readers will find it informative, but also inspiring. There is a huge amount we can learn from those people who came before us and stood for hope rather than hate.


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