Press Release: State of HATE 2024

14 03 24


New report from anti-extremism campaign group HOPE not hate examines the far-right terror threat, sombre mood amongst the British public and an increasingly confident Radical Right.

HOPE not hate’s annual State of HATE report is the most comprehensive report into the world of the far right in the UK. The report brings together new research, polling and investigations carried out by HOPE not hate.

This year’s report finds:

  • A record number of far-right activists and sympathisers were convicted of terror-related offences in 2023. 23 people were convicted of offences. The average age was 32, whilst 4 convicted were teenagers. 19% of people referred to Prevent were considered as ‘extreme right wing’, higher than the 11% referred for ‘Islamist concerns’.
  • There is a strong mood of pessimism and declinism amongst the British public. When asked to describe modern Britain, 43% of the public choose ‘declining’. Only 6% of people strongly agree with the statement ‘the political system works well in the UK’ and 79% think that ‘politicians don’t listen to people like me’.
  • 2023 was the year the Radical Right in the UK came of age. The Radical Right is growing in confidence to push divisive, populist, anti-immigration, climate-sceptic policies in British politics. With the mood amongst the public in favour of change, if a new Government isn’t able to deliver this could open the door for the Radical Right.
  • Anti-migrant activism continues to dominate the far right. HOPE not hate researchers found that anti-migrant activity rose by 20% compared to 2022, itself the highest year on record. There was an 18-fold increase in anti-migrant demonstrations from 2022, following the riot at the Suites Hotel in Kirkby in February 2022.
  • The conflict in the Middle East has led to a huge rise in antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred in the UK, with the far right divided on the issue. Hardline Nazis like the BNP’s Nick Griffin and fascist Patriotic Alternative’s Mark Collett have taken pro-Palestinian stances and attacked ‘Zionist’ influence. Anti-Muslim activists like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) have taken pro-Israel stances.
  • The report also features new investigations into fascist fight clubs, Tommy Robinson’s business dealings and Nazi gigs.

On rising far-right terrorism Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate said:

“2023 was the highest year on record for right-wing terror convictions. We’ve seen no clear plan from the Government for what to do with far-right extremism. They cannot set a policy that picks and chooses what kind of extremism to tackle based on a political agenda. We’ve got to tackle extremism in all its forms, wherever we find it.”

On the national mood and the Radical Right, CEO of HOPE not hate said:

“There is a deep sense of decline felt by the British public. Whilst this means that there is a strong appetite for a change of Government, any new administration that fails to deliver meaningful change could open the door to an ascendent Radical Right.

“2023 was the year the Radical Right came of age in the UK. We have seen the Radical Right become a major force in the UK, especially within the Conservative Party and through an eco-system of media outlets and commentators. With their right-wing populist outlook, anti-immigration and anti-elite rhetoric and policies that seek to divide, HOPE not hate will be challenging them.”

Notes to editors:

  • Spokespeople from HOPE not hate are available on request.

Contact: | @hopenothate | [email protected] | 0207 952 1183

HOPE not hate builds hope and counters the politics of hate through research, campaigning and community engagement. We focus on the organised far right, the communities who are susceptible to them and the issues and policies which give rise to them.


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