GB News presenter calls 9/11 attacks a ‘false flag’ on far-right conspiracy show

Right Response Team - 26 06 24

Neil Oliver, the GB news presenter known for his discussions of chemtrails and Covid conspiracies, has appeared on the infamous Infowars channel run by the American fantasist Alex Jones.

Jones is a veteran conspiracy theorist who has hosted white nationalists on his programme and accused senior politicians in the American Democratic Party of raping and murdering children.

On an Infowars broadcast yesterday, Neil Oliver was interviewed by Alex Jones and made astounding comments about the September 11 attacks being a “false flag”.

He claimed 9/11 was part of a secret “playbook” by sinister elites to coerce their citizens. Making his predictions for the future, Oliver said:

“What will inevitably happen are a series of terrifying — and they will be frightening — false flags. False flags are the stock-in-trade of these people. The sinking of USS Maine that kicked off the Spanish-American War at the end of the 19th century. The false flags that were used to provoke Vietnam. 9/11. We know they’ve got a playbook, a worn-out playbook, and I would counsel people to be prepared to get frights. There will be big spectacular frights between now and the end of the paradigm that’s been dominated by these psychopaths. So be ready for that.”

False flags are believed to be violent acts staged by governments in order to manipulate their populations. Alex Jones claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting of 2012 was a false flag in order to undermine American gun ownership laws. His assets are now set to be liquidated in bankruptcy proceedings to pay for a $1.5bn defamation lawsuit brought by families of Sandy Hook victims.

Neil Oliver on Alex Jones’s show talking about 9/11 being a false flag

Yesterday marked Neil Oliver’s first appearance on Alex Jones’s show, however the two became fast friends. Jones praised Oliver for “knocking it out of the park” on his GB News programme, calling him “one of the most articulate people out there”.

Oliver responded that he counts Jones “as a brother”, and made him promise at the end of the hour-long interview to “do this again”.

This marks a new low for Oliver, whose own conspiratorial GB News show has seen him claim that Covid jabs caused “turbo cancer” and say he was “open minded” to the existence of chemtrails.

In his Infowars appearance, Oliver claimed a “psychopath, parasite class” of “anti-human” elites were attempting to control the lives of ordinary people:

“This drive to get us all herded into 15-minute cities to put us under surveillance from cameras and satellites and drones to take control of our transactions with central bank digital currencies so they make real-time decisions about whether you can buy that or go there or make that decision for yourself it’s because they have tightened the screws.”

He later described the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine as the retribution of shadowy elites upset with the public for electing Donald Trump and voting for Brexit. Oliver described both disasters as part of a “sustained punishment beating to put the democratically minded people back in their boxes”.

“Chemtrails, whatever they are they could be a massive threat to our skies” – Neil Oliver, 19th April 2024

Oliver’s comments about 9/11 are all the more unusual given an interview he conducted in 2021 with a British survivor of the terrorist attack. To call September 11 a false flag is furthermore an insult to the 3,000 people who perished, and yet more evidence that Oliver — once the presenter of respected history documentaries for the BBC — has fully descended into crankery.

For too long, GB News has indulged Oliver’s bizarre conspiratorial fantasies. Last year, he used his show to claim elites are waging a “silent war” to impose a “one-world government”. GB News, in its editorial charter, claims it stands for “putting facts first”. When will they start putting that into practice?


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