Old Habits Die Hard: Tommy’s Tour of Canada Goes from Bad To Worse

Right Response Team - 26 06 24

A leading figure on the Canadian far-right has publicly accused Stephen Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) of a drug fueled binge, spending time with sex workers and using his arrest as a way to raise money after embarrassing ticket sales for his tour. 

In recent hours explosive allegations about Lennon’s activities in Canada have been made by the Canadian far-right activist Bethan Nodwell. Nodwell was one of the organisers of the so-called Freedom Convoy which protested measures to combat COVID-19.  

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has previously exposed how she has denied the Holocaust and claimed that “white identitarianism is inevitable.” Despite this, it seems Lennon had a dinner with Nodwell upon his arrival in Montreal that quickly descended into a drug-fuelled bender. 

Nodwell claims that while intoxicated Lennon let slip that he was aware he would be arrested and that plans were put in place to raise money to make up for the lack of ticket sales for his speaking tour. 

Lennons Arrest

Stephen Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) arrived in Montréal last week for the start of a high-profile speaking tour organised by his former employer Rebel Media. He was also due to meet and record a podcast with Canadian right-wing-oddball, Jordan Peterson.

Lennon has always seen North America as a land of milk and honey; a source of friendship and most importantly funds. However, his eye-watering list of convictions has proven a hurdle to him fully exploiting his support across the Atlantic.

In 2012 he was imprisoned after attempting to enter the United States on a false passport. As such it was a little surprising when he arrived in Canada last week without a problem. “I didn’t think I’d get into Canada. Haven’t even booked a hotel. We’re sorting it out now,” he said to Rebel Media upon entering the country.

However, his relief didn’t last long. On Friday, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network wrote a letter to Public Safety and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, “pointing out that Robinson was ineligible to enter Canada because of his criminal record and urging that he be removed from the country.”

Lennon was arrested by Calgary Police shortly after on an outstanding immigration warrant, made to surrender his passport and told he must stay in southern Alberta until the matter is resolved. The restrictions on his movement have thrown his planned speaking events in Edmonton and Toronto into doubt.

Lennon being arrested in Canada

Unsurprisingly, Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel Media and former employer of Lennon, sprang into action with customary speed, launching a fundraiser and ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ t-shirts within moments of the arrest. Luckily for Levant, he could simply reuse the website he has used numerous times before to raise money for Lennon’s various legal woes.

Upon his release by the police Lennon looked genuinely rattled and expressed concern about how long he may be forced to stay in Canada before his likely expulsion.

Explosive Accusations

However, since his arrest a leading figure on the Canadian far-right has publicly attacked Lennon and made a series of damaging allegations. 

Nodwell claims that Lennon arranged for a group to go for a curry at a restaurant owned by the cousin of someone he knows in the UK, where things reportedly got out of hand soon after their arrival. “That’s when somebody broke out the cocaine,” she said on a live stream, “then out came the vodka cokes and the next thing you know a dragon had been unleashed in this man [Lennon]  […] He went missing from the hotel, people were panicking.”

Stephen Lennon with Bethan Nodwell in Canada

Nodwell then claims to have contacted the restaurant owner and purveyor of drugs who provided them “with the number of a massage parlour,” where Lennon was supposedly hiding out.  

However, most explosively, Nodwell claims that Lennon’s arrest was somehow part of a plan to raise money in light of embarrassingly poor ticket sales for his tour.

“While we were coming back into the hotel, he’s [Tommy] like ‘Right, [the] tour’s over, we’ve sold no tickets’, I think they had sold like 60 tickets.” This is well short of the sales required to make the $80,000 Nodwell claims they aimed to make from the tour.

She then explains how they planned to make up the shortfall. “I’m going to Calgary, I’m going to get nicked and then the tour is over,” said Lennon, according to Nodwell. “And then when I saw that arrest last night […] I was like “that’s what he meant!”. Oh and then the ‘Save Tommy’ thing was out. They had a domain name, they had it ready to go. […] I’m like “that’s how you make your $80,000 folks”, right there.”

She finished her explanation of events by encouraging people not to donate to Lennon’s fundraiser and questions his often quoted dedication to protecting women. “Close up your wallet, you are being had. Tommy, if you are doing drugs and you are doing drugs with prostitutes, you’re not defending women, who runs these brothels? […] You’re exploiting women and you’re supposed to be out there defending our white girls from Rotherham? That was the line for me. You’re actually betraying us.”

Lennon has yet to respond to these allegations and continues to pump out fundraising videos on social media. 


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