Updated Wednesday 06 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: The Highland Division

Name Highland Division
Tags Nazi, Fascist and Ethnonationalist
Categories Organisation
Related People/Groups Patriotic Alternative, Homeland Party
Years Active 2022 – Present
Active Areas Scotland



The Highland Division (HD) is a “leaderless”, openly nazi groupuscule that splintered from the Scottish branch of Patriotic Alternative in October 2022, following a dispute with Kenny Smith, who was then PA’s national Admin Officer.

While some core members cannot be named for legal reasons, activists have included Tony Girling, a former PA organiser based in Alva, Clackmannanshire, and Hadden Adam, a former PA activist from Elgin, Moray. In May 2022, The Ferret released images of Adam performing nazi salutes and posing with weapons and nazi memorabilia.

HD undertook a number of small actions in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, but soon suffered the attention of law enforcement. Hoping to avoid further legal issues, the group shifted towards anti-migrant street demonstrations.

After an angry confrontation with Smith at a PA protest in Erskine in February 2023, HD members supported protests headed by Alek Yerbury in Skegness and Leeds. Yerbury returned the favour by travelling to a HD-organised protest in Elgin in June. However, the handful of activists that materialised were hopelessly outnumbered by hundreds of counter-protestors.

While remaining hostile to Smith and Homeland, Adam and other HD activists have repaired the relationship with PA, attending the group’s national camp in July. HD figures were also present at the May 2023 “Unity” meeting organised by the INN, as well as a New British Union meeting in Penrith the same weekend, an event attended by an undercover reporter from The Mail on Sunday.

Under the weight of legal issues, at present HD is largely dormant.



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