Updated Thursday 07 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: James Delingpole

Name James Delingpole
Tags Conspiracy Theorist
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James Delingpole is a columnist and podcast host who has written for publications including The Telegraph, The Spectator and served as editor of the UK-spinoff of the Breitbart media franchise, Breitbart London.

He continues to work as a film reviewer for The Spectator, while interviewing a wide array of conspiracy-theorist influencers for his podcast, The Delingpod. While his output has long been dominated by divisive and conspiratorial themes, particularly relating to immigration, Islam and climate change, his tone began to shift during the COVID-19 pandemic and since then his output has documented a wholesale embrace of outlandish and paranoid conspiracy theories.

While Delingpole has only alluded to Holocaust denial himself, he has continued to invite prominent deniers on to his podcast and signposted their work to his followers. In January 2023, he invited the author and Holocaust denier John Hamer on for a discussion on Winston Churchill, in which the latter complained that Nazi Germany had been unfairly “demonised” and that the war only broke out due to Winston Churchill being bribed by Zionists.

Delingpole also organised some live versions of his podcast format in 2023, hosting more high-profile guests like GB News host Neil Oliver in April and veteran conspiracy theorist David Icke in November.



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