Updated Wednesday 06 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: Traditional Britain Group

Name Traditional Britain Group
Tags Nazi, Fascist and Ethnonationalist
Categories Discussion Group
Related People/Groups
Years Active 2001 – Present
Active Areas UK



Founded by Gregory Lauder-Frost in 2001, the Traditional Britain Group (TBG) is a London-based organisation that hosts far-right gatherings, dinners and conferences.

Lauder-Frost is a former leading member of the Conservative Monday Club, a pressure group banned by the Tory Party for its racism, and was also vice president of the anti-communist Western Goals Institute. He was also involved with Arktos Media, the far-right publishing house.

Lauder-Frost was imprisoned for two years in 1992 for embezzling money from a London health authority while working as a payroll operations manager. In 2019, he was also fined for racially abusing a student on social media.

The TBG, which typically hosts a formal dinner, a conference and a Christmas social each year on top of occasional evening events, has become a key meeting point for the British far right and an important stopover for international far-right figures. The TBG has endeavoured to maintain an elitist, “High Tory” image, meaning it has been attended by Conservative Party figures alongside open fascists.

Past speakers have included the American “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer, Markus Willinger of Generation Identity as well as Gerard Batten before he became UKIP leader. The group received press attention in 2013 after Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg addressed TBG’s annual dinner (he later apologised for his appearance). European far-right politicians include MEPs from the anti-Muslim German party Alternative für Deutschland and the Estonian finance minister Martin Helme.

In September 2022, TBG suffered the death of their president, Lord Sudely, although as his position was largely ceremonial, the loss has not impeded the functioning of the group. It remained a significant British far-right presence on social media, posting regularly across Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.



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