EXPOSED: Farage’s Appearances on Antisemitic Hate Preacher’s Conspiracy Theory Show

HOPE not hate can reveal that Farage has appeared at least five times on TruNews, an American far-right broadcast headed by the apocalypse-obsessed pastor Rick…

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Chapter : EXPOSED: Farage’s Appearances on Antisemitic Hate Preacher’s Conspiracy Theory Show

HOPE not hate can reveal that Farage has appeared at least five times on TruNews, an American far-right broadcast headed by the apocalypse-obsessed pastor Rick Wiles, during which the Brexit Party leader indulged conspiracy theories about plots for “global government” and found common cause with Wiles against the “globalists“.

Wiles, a Christian fundamentalist who has repeatedly called Farage “our good friend”, last month labelled the impeachment of Donald Trump a “Jew coup”, calling Jews “deceivers, they plot, they lie, they do whatever the have to do to accomplish their political agenda”.

Farage’s known appearances on the show came between 2011 and 2016, although the descriptions of two further episodes (for which audio cannot be accessed) indicate he was also a guest in 2008 and 2009. Wiles has stated that he has been interviewing Farage since “around 2006, maybe 2005”, and has claimed that TruNews was “the first American radio programme, and/or television programme, to introduce Nigel Farage to the American people.”

This is of particular concern as Wiles is a longstanding and extreme homophobe, Islamophobe and conspiracy theorist, and his platform should be considered far beyond the pale for any public figure. For example, Wiles claimed in December 2014 that “Islam must be eliminated from the face of the earth. It must be stomped out like cockroaches”.

As we detail below, in what is now a worrying trend, Farage himself indulges right-wing conspiracy theories in his conversations with Wiles, some of which have antisemitic associations. This includes the notion that internationalist elites in the European Union and Bilderberg Group are covertly spreading a form of communism and plotting to establish a global government, and could enforce a dictatorship across Europe.

A screenshot from the TruNews website

TruNews: A Far-Right Cesspit

Founded in 1999, TruNews serves as a soapbox for Wiles’ unhinged delusions, including, as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) write, his increasingly extreme antisemitism. For example, this year Wiles told listeners “It’s not Muslims that are going to kill us. It’s the Jews”, and claimed that “Israel took out John Kennedy”. He and his co-hosts have ranted about “old evil wicked kabbalah wizard rabbis”, and have claimed that Jesus was killed by Jews in order to build a “Zionist empire”. He has also claimed that a Jewish lobby “controls the [US]”, and stated “Who ties the President’s hands? Yes, Jewish Mafia”.

Wiles has a well-documented history of extreme bigotry beyond antisemitism. Amongst numerous instances documented by anti-hate watchdog Right Wing Watch are Wiles’ 2014 claims that Hitler and the Nazis were aiming to create “a race of super gay male soldiers”, and that Christians “will be slaughtered” in the present day US as a result of Hitler’s plans. The same year Wiles also claimed that an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the US could constitute an “attitude adjustment […] Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion”. In early 2015 Wiles claimed that Muslim immigration is “part of the judgment” for abortion rights, stating “It’s like the Muslims are the avengers who are being sent in to avenge for the deaths of innocent babies”. 

By repeatedly appearing on TruNews, Farage has risked introducing a new audience to Wiles’ poisonous viewpoints, especially as his appearances have been sandwiched by Wiles’ bigoted outpourings. For example, one episode begins with a rant in which Wiles claims that by legalising same sex marriage, “these reprobates in government” are going to “bring down the wrath of God on the whole nation”.

Another episode on which Farage appears begins with Wiles speculating that a “communist revolution” headed by then-President Barack Obama is underway, aiming to establish a “Gestapo” and “eliminate our own military and replace them with a foreign army […] they are getting ready to start shooting us”. After Farage exits the episode, Wiles takes aim at “rodents such as billionaire George Soros,” who he calls a “big rat” and a “socialist financier”, suggesting he is selling shares and “scoop[ing] up lots of gold”, due to inside knowledge of an oncoming financial catastrophe. Soros is a frequent target of thinly-veiled antisemitic attacks.

Rick Wiles

Nigel Farage: Conspiracy Theorist

Whilst Wiles does not openly discuss his most extreme viewpoints with Farage, given his known bigotry, it is alarming to see Farage himself repeatedly feeding conspiracy theories during his conversations with Wiles. This includes theories that are often are employed with antisemitic inflections. In particular, Farage entertains notions of internationalist elites bent on global governance and/or spreading communism, touching on the Bilderberg Group, an annual meeting of politicians and leaders in industry, finance, academia and the media, which conspiracy theorists have long alleged to be secretly directing world events.

For example, in the August 2012 episode, Wiles asks Farage if he still feared that “a dictatorship could be installed across the European continent”, to which Farage replies “Oh very much so”, continuing that elites in the European Union:

“are prepared to carry on with their vision of a United States of Europe, they couldn’t care less if tens of millions of people are driven into poverty and hunger, as long as they maintain their dream. So we really are up against something truly horrible in Europe today”.

Farage later claims that:

“all these projects of supranationalism that are pushed by the EU, and now the IMF [International Monetary Fund], and as you mentioned yourself, the Bilderberg Group and others, these ideas, frankly are all nothing more than a modern form of communism. They are flawed in their origins, they fail in practice, and the sooner we break them down, the safer the world will be”. 

In an August 2016 episode, Farage claims:

“I look at Brussels […] as just an updated form of what the Russian Revolution was all about in 1917. It’s statism, it’s communism, it’s micromanagement and control of people’s lives, it is the eradication of genuine liberty, freedom and democracy”.

Wiles says “Nigel, the European leaders orchestrated this mass migration of Middle-Eastern, Islamic refugees” into Europe, Farage replying that “what Mrs Merkel did last year, in saying as many of you who want to come can come, effectively she hung up a welcome sign for ISIS”.

At the end of their conversation, Wiles tells Farage: “We’re all in this together. We’re fighting the globalists, regardless of what country we’re in. We’re all fighting the same bunch of globalists. Nigel Farage thank you so much, appreciate you being here”, to which Farage replies “Thank you, and it’s good to be back on TruNews”. Following Farage’s exit, Wiles tells his listeners that Farage has been:

“a thorn in the side of the Brussels bureaucrats, the global elite, the international banksters, the big corporations that are working to bring about this global, socialistic, fascist, corporate government that they want to impose on the entire planet”.

During his February 2012 appearance, Farage claimed that he would welcome a “global movement” that would:

“fight back against these people, who seem to want to entrap us in a form of global government, where we lose all the things that those who went before us were actually prepared to fight and die for”.

When asked by Wiles whether “some day the central bankers of the world” could “install the Prime Minister of Great Britain” or “a future president of the United States”, Farage answered that, in the wake of the installation of a “puppet Prime Minister in Greece and even a country the size of Italy […] frankly anything now is possible”.

In a 2011 episode, Wiles introduces Farage by telling him “You’ve been fighting the superstate globalist scheme for decades in your country. Your warnings are now coming true […] the entire EU scheme is collapsing under its own weight”, to which Farage answers “Well it is […] what they thought they’d do in Europe is build a United States of Europe”, continuing that “they kept their imperialist globalist dreams from us”.

During their conversation about the Greek Financial Crisis, Wiles tells Farage “We’re seeing how the globalists operate. They get these nations entrapped in debt, they loan ‘em the money, and then they collapse them, then they say now here’s the terms of your bailout”, to which Farage answers:

“The whole dictatorial nature of the way the European institutions are treating Greece is, I agree with you, a warning against supranational government, against global government”.

Wiles goes on to predict that the world will “go into a new dark ages”, predicting “one, two, three decades” of chaos.  

In the same episode, Wiles asks Farage “Nigel, what do you think the Bilderberg boys are thinking through all this? I mean, the EU is their little baby”, to which Farage answers:

“Oh very much so, I mean of course the Bilderberg Group and the EU have been very close from the start”

Farage then goes on to speak supportively of his “colleague” Mario Borghezio MEP, who was arrested attempting to infiltrate the 2011 Bilderberg gathering in St. Moritz. Borghezio is a far-right Italian MEP, whom Farage later expelled from his group in the Euopean Parliament after he racially abused an Italian minister. 

A Shameful Trend

Farage’s enthusiastic engagement with Wiles is just the latest revelation of his association with extreme conspiracy theorists. We have recently revealed Farage using terms closely linked to coded antisemitism, such as the “New World Order” and “one world government” and calling Goldman Sachs “the enemy”, during his February 2019 appearance on the evangelical channel Revelation TV, which has been reprimanded by Ofcom for homophobia and Islamophobia. During his appearance he also claimed that immigration would “imperil the future of our civilisation”, chiming with far-right conspiracy theories.

Nigel Farage on the Christian channel "Revelation TV"
Farage on Revelations TV

We have also previously exposed Farage claiming that EU officials “actually want to destroy the nation state as a unit” on the conspiracy theory documentary Bilderberg: The Movie (2014), on which he appeared alongside Borghezio and numerous members of the notorious LaRouche movement, a bizarre political cult founded by the antisemite Lyndon LaRouche. Farage has additionally been criticised by Community Security Trust for labelling Soros “the biggest danger to the entire western world”, also claiming that he sought “to undermine democracy and to fundamentally change the makeup, demographically, of the whole European continent”. In more quotes uncovered by The Guardian, Farage has also claimed that the EU was funded and influenced “by the Goldman Sachs, the JP Morgans, and a particular Hungarian called Mr Soros”.

Farage has also appeared six times on the American far-right conspiracy theory show InfoWars, and as The Guardian has reported, made reference to the New World Order and claimed that members of the Bilderberg group are plotting to establish a global government. HOPE not hate and revealed a 2018 photograph of Farage posing with far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, known for his role in spreading the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory. Farage has promoted both Posobiec’s and InfoWars’ content online.

The association of Brexit Party officials with antisemites and far-right conspiracy theorists stretches further than just Farage. We have also previously exposed the extensive links between top Brexit Party officials and InfoWars, and exposed two Brexit Party MEPs and its Dundee West candidate for having appeared on The Richie Allen Show, an antisemitic conspiracy theory broadcast that serves as a key online platform for Holocaust deniers in the UK.

Farage alongside far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec

You can find out more about the Brexit Party – and how to beat them – by visiting our dedicated hub here.


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