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Want to support HOPE not hate and the fight against the far right? Why not do some fundraising!

There’s nothing better than challenging yourself, having a good time and raising money for a cause you believe in along the way!

Fundraising takes time, effort and commitment so why not have fun with it and challenge yourself. Whether it’s a marathon, a bake sale or a good old-fashioned bath in some baked beans, whatever you decide to do, your fundraising is a huge help to us and we’re here to support you with it. Together we can defeat the far right and build stronger communities.

Drop our Fundraising and Development Officer, Kelly, a line at [email protected] and let her know when and what you’re up to.

“It was an honour to be able to raise some money for HOPE not hate; an organisation who I believe do unique and essential work in researching and countering the insidious rise of bigotry and fascism.”

– George – Victoria Park 10k run

Need some fun fundraising inspiration? Here are some of the many ways people have fundraised for us, plus our 7 step fundraising guide:

7 Step Fundraising Guide


1) Choose your activity: Picking an activity can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. Choose something you know you (and others) will enjoy, perhaps something that pushes you and maybe even something totally off the wall! And if you’re stuck on ideas but want to do something, chat to us; we have plenty of fun fundraising ideas you can pick from.

2) Your story: This is your chance to win people over and encourage them to put their hand in their pocket to support you. You might like to consider the following questions: why are you doing this challenge? Why are you specifically supporting the work of HOPE not hate? Is there something about the challenge that you’re finding particularly daunting? Has someone else inspired you with their fundraising

3) Create a crowdfunding page: Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money from a large pool of people online. Setting up a crowdfunding page is easy, secure and takes very little time. There are lots of crowdfunding websites to choose from. Two of the more popular ones are JustGiving and GoFundMe. TOP TIP: High-quality photos are more likely to generate more donations, and adding a range of photos which show different aspects of the crowdfund is likely to appeal to more people. Also, most crowdfunding sites allow you to update them as you progress, meaning you can post photo updates for your followers!

4) Or use Facebook: If you use Facebook and you’d prefer to fundraise on there, then you can create a fundraiser on Facebook! All you have to do is click the fundraising icon on the left-hand side of the page, followed by “raise money”, select charity and type “HNH Community”. You can set how much you’d like to raise, establish a deadline, include your story and stick a photo on there too. The best part is, Facebook doesn’t charge a fee and all the proceeds go directly to the charity. Alternatively, you can add a donate button to your post. Type “HOPE not hate Charitable Trust” under charity or organisation when setting up your donations page. TOP TIP: You might even try setting up a Facebook group, as this will allow you to speak to a selection of people about the fundraiser and post regular updates in there.

5) Start promoting: Ping the link around, hammer home your story and why you’re doing this and encourage others to share the link to their friends and family. When people donate, be sure to get back to them – a clearly interactive fundraising page can be appealing to others! TOP TIP: Remember to post updates when you hit your milestones and when you’re nearly at your target. Depending on your activity, you might like to do a Facebook or Instagram live to your friends followers for the last bit!

6) Safety first: Whatever you do, planning your event carefully is the best way to avoid accidents from occurring. Whether you’re using specialist equipment or preparing food, make sure you follow the appropriate guidelines. TOP TIP: In some cases, you may have to comply with rules and regulations before holding an event. Ensure you check with your local authority and the gambling commission and get a licence if needed.

7) Get in touch:We’d love to know how you’re getting on! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the planning stages or just about finished, drop our Organiser, Nick Spooner, a line at: [email protected]. Don’t forget to send over photos, videos, boomerangs and any social media links and tags that you want promoting!

By the way: when you’ve finished your fundraiser, we’ll want to speak with you!

We want to chat to get the low-down on how everything went, and so that we can turn it into a blog and give you a big shout-out on our socials to say thank you for everything you’ve done.


A lockdown gig in the name of antifascism

Looking to support HOPE not hate, one artist took his music online to raise money for our work. Read the full story here.

Faith and 5k: Jemma takes on the Interfaith Fun Run

To raise money for HOPE not hate Charitable Trust, Jemma Levene stormed round the 5km course at the Interfaith Fun Run. Read the full story here.

Boat Party Bonanza: Young Fabians fundraiser for HOPE not hate

After an enforced hiatus, the Young Fabians boat party set sail once again, raising money for HOPE not hate in the process. Read the full story here.

Shelly’s Birthday Fundraiser

Birthdays are all about giving, eating lots of tasty treats and spending quality time with friends and family. While Shelly did exactly that, she also wanted to do something different.

Shelly’s passionate about community work and finding positive solutions to bring divided and marginalised groups together.

That’s why she decided to create a fundraiser for HOPE not hate Community to help fund the vital work we do across the UK.

For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to HOPE not hate community. I’ve chosen this charity because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope that you’ll consider contributing as a way of celebrating with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

Thank you, Shelly, for dedicating your birthday fundraiser to HOPE not hate Community, and for spotlighting our work! 😃

Hoy Half Marathon

Nigel and Phillippe and Beatrice raised an amazing £1055 for HOPE not hate Charitable Trust.

They raised funds in response to the far-right terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019.

It took weeks of preparation but they completed the marathon in Hoy in record time – congrats guys!

A bag with a difference

“The Kent-based design studio is today unveiling their first four totes entitled, Hand Bag, Man Bag, School Bag and Carrier Bag. Each striking design created to champion a range of socioethical themes. They range from Women’s Rights, Positive Masculinity, Identity and Social Cohesion.

Design has a hugely important role to play in solving the many challenges we face. Especially when it comes to providing accessible routes to knowledge and inspiring individuals to engage.

I want these bags to play a role in bringing people closer to the debates. Providing the huge swathes of us interested in positive change, with a simple place to start. The reality is that there’s some wonderful work being done out there on the ground. My only aim with Oasthaus is to pass that information on in a positive and engaging way.”

Love what you heard? Buy yourself Oasthaus-designed tote bag!

George completes 10k run!

“Having never run more than 5k in my life, it’s safe to say I was somewhat anxious about running 10km!

I spent around a month preparing for the run by putting in a few shifts on the treadmill and braving the increasingly bitter cold of November to heave myself around the park. Previously I had been watching people do this with a mix of admiration and bewilderment. Monitoring my time and seeing myself improve was really satisfying.

It was a great feeling completing the 10km and I’d thoroughly recommend anyone to give it a go, no matter your fitness level. It was an honour to be able to raise some money for HOPE not hate; an organisation who I believe do unique and essential work in researching and countering the insidious rise of bigotry and fascism.”

Not on Facebook? Email Nick Spooner at [email protected] to get started instead.

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