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Our Education Unit team includes qualified teachers who have vast experience in the classroom, and who are really well placed to appreciate the benefits of the interactive approach we use, as well as the pressing need for addressing the issues we tackle.  We also have an advisory Board who assess our material to ensure it is age appropriate and relevant.



As a teacher and member of a senior leadership team, I was constantly frustrated with the resources available for teaching about important issues. In an education system that is becoming more and more stretched and geared towards external measurements that have very little to do with a well-rounded, holistic education, there is quite simply not enough time, or money, allocated to educating our young people on issues of racism, homophobia, sexism and other prejudices. I feel that the service offered to schools by Hope Not Hate’s Educational agenda and the charitable trust is absolutely invaluable as a supplement to over-stretched PSHE programmes. On a personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed going into schools and being able to dedicate my efforts to these messages 100%. The sessions are well designed to provide maximum impact in a short space of time. I only wish we could get into every school in the country!

“With our ambassadors scheme it is amazing the difference we see in students’ attitudes over just four classes”

“To have workshops that study such complex societal issues and make them transferable to teaching Primary and Secondary students is truly unique”


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