In Schools

Radicalisation in Schools

Young people are being radicalised at home and by their peers.

They might look okay on the surface but there’s a very real threat of these people ending up in extremist groups, or worse, committing acts of terror.

You can stop this from happening.

We’ve built a resource pack for teachers, students and parents to guide young people who are at risk, providing them with practical solutions to effectively challenge the effects of radicalisation and extremism.

These resources use the case study of Robbie Mullen, a former member of the most extreme far-right group the UK has ever seen. Too often we are not given the full picture of just how extreme these far-right groups can be. We know about their repugnant racism; but how about the other nasty elements of their ideology. Links to paedophilia, worshipping groups like ISIS, celebrating the Manchester bombing and promoting the use of rape a weapon.

This resource explains all this, to give teachers, parents and students a real insight into the dangers of this form of extremism and the path towards radicalisation.

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