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The Education team are able to deliver training to teachers either on site or at one of our designated teacher training days. We can train teachers to deliver our lesson plans, but on a broader level, we can also offer training on spotting the signs of hate in schools, and on to making changes in school communities to build a more inclusive school atmosphere. We can train teachers delivering PHSE content, but we find that school communities benefit more fully if all school staff have access to our training.


Some of the things teachers have said about our training:

“Enjoyed developing awareness of issues of HOPE not hate through sharing experiences, thoughts and practice”

“Case study analysis was very interesting and useful. Facilitation was good. Good balance between allowing discussion and leading/moving things along.”

“Enjoyed getting other people’s ideas and perspectives. Really get hope that we as teachers do see these issues occurring and we are on the same page trying to give out students the tools they may need to overcome these challenges.”

“The session was very interactive and really catered for teachers. I felt fully engaged throughout the school. Thank you. Fully enjoyed myself today. Very knowledgeable and wanted to know more. Would definitely come back for another session.”

“Use of Pyramid of hate to show the link between attitudes, acts, etc. Useful for me to think about my own actions and also to use with children to think about theirs.”


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