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Early in 2021 we campaigned to increase engagement and voter turnout in this year’s elections. Read the materials from this hub to see what HOPE…


Early in 2021 we campaigned to increase engagement and voter turnout in this year’s elections. Read the materials from this hub to see what HOPE not hate supporters did together. Please note this campaign has now finished but you can get involved in future campaigns here.

There are a lot of elections this year. Depending on where you are, you could be voting in local elections, a mayoral election, in the London Assembly election, the Senedd and many more besides!

COVID-19 is going to massively impact turnout at these elections, particularly from marginalised and underrepresented groups, which will widen already existing inequalities in this country.

That’s why we’re running this campaign to get more people registered to vote.

On top of the targeted work that we’re doing in communities, we need you to take on an active role.

We need you to be a voter registration ambassador for us, asking others to register to vote if they haven’t yet. This will mean posting reminders on your social media accounts, raising your voice in your local community Facebook groups asking others to register and, if you are able, doing some offline work such as printing off voter registration forms for those without printer access.

The challenge is big, but it’s really easy to be part of our campaign. Consider this page a starting point – keep scrolling to find a ton of helpful information, and we’ll continue to provide training, resources and guidance along the way, giving you everything you’ll need to be an effective voice on this important issue.

We need to get the word out, but every little helps – thank you for being involved.

– Nick Spooner, HOPE not hate organiser



COVID-19 has widened already existing inequalities, and it’s set to have an impact on turnout at these elections too.

That’s why, with your help, we’re writing to the Prime Minister and two Ministers for Communities and calling on them to make voting easier. This means sending out proxy and postal votes ahead of time, and seeing that councils make postal voting more accessible.

These are really important proposals to increase turnout at these elections and to make sure that everyone who wants to has their voice heard.

Share our open letter with your friends and family to help spread the word:

Talking Points

We’ve compiled some easy (and important) ways you can encourage others to register to vote. Let us know how you get on!

Registering to vote is really easy! Just type ‘register to vote’ into your search engine and follow the steps. It’ll take you between 2 and 5 minutes max! 
This pandemic has decimated our communities. Election day is when we get to say how our communities will fight back. 
This virus has impacted the most vulnerable and marginalised people more than anyone else. And it is those same people who are set to be the most underrepresented at these elections. We need to change that. 
There’s going to be a big uptake in the amount of postal votes at these elections, but 30% of people don’t have access to a working printer to print out the forms at home. This is a significant barrier for people when it comes to making themselves heard. 
Lockdown has shown us the power of local communities when they come together. We have the power to change things and make a difference. Register to vote to and make sure your local area’s voice is counted. 
Polling stations will be taking every precaution in order to keep you safe when voting. 
We need local solutions to these local elections. Let’s work together to make sure as many people can get registered as possible. 

Polling Data

As part of the launch of this campaign, we commissioned some polling on attitudes towards these elections and the barriers facing voters when it comes to registering and voting.

TIP: This data is a great way support your points when encouraging others to get registered.

  • COVID is a threat to turnout in this election: 26% say they are less likely to go to the polling station to vote because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Voters want it to be easier to vote: 73% think the Government and councils should make it easier for people to vote by post or proxy (where someone votes on your behalf) to encourage people to vote during the Covid-19 pandemic. Just 17% are opposed.
  • Voters back the idea of proactively sending postal vote application forms out: 74% believe that Councils should send out postal and proxy vote forms to every voter to enable them to vote if they don’t feel comfortable about going to the polling stations during the pandemic. Only 11% oppose this idea. 
  • And voters want postal and proxy voting to be encouraged: The same number of people (74%) believe the Government should encourage people to vote by post or proxy in the May elections if they were worried or unable to go to the polling station due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only 7% oppose this idea. 
  • A significant number of people simply can’t print the postal vote applications – a major stumbling block to accessing this form of voting: 30% do not have a working printer at home.
  • Voter turnout should be a real worry to the government and the political parties: 58% of people say that they are certain to vote in May’s election, with a further 15% registering that they are likely to vote. 28% suggest that they are unlikely to vote. Amongst 18-24 year olds however, only 21% suggest that they are certain to vote, with another 25% saying that they are likely to vote. Worryingly, 54% say they will definitely not or unlikely to vote. 
  • COVID is a concern – but voter indifference or hostility to politics tops it as the reason not to vote: Of those who said that they would definitely not vote or were unlikely to vote, the five most common reasons were: My vote won’t make any difference (25%); Politicians are all the same so it is not worth voting for any of them (20%); I have no interest in politics (19%); I’m worried about catching Covid (14%); Councils have no power so voting is pointless (10%).

Social media resources

Tweet bank

For those short on time or inspiration, leave the hard work to us – find some sample tweets that you can send out in one click below. We’ll continue to add to these throughout the campaign so check back every so often!

Even in these precarious times, democracy should not be cancelled #RegisterToVote #NoVoteNoVoice Lockdown has shown us the power of local communities. Register to vote and make your local area’s voice count. #NoVoteNoVoice This is our first election in modern times in a pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to have a local representative that stands up for your community. #RegisterToVote by April 19th

Download eye-catching graphics for you to share on your social media feeds and in local Facebook groups. Just save the image and then post in your own time.

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Key dates

Many people are unaware that these elections are happening, so be sure to remind others of the key dates!

Election day: 6th May

Postal vote application deadline: 20th April

Register to vote deadline: 19th April

Postal vote tool

Coming soon…

FAQs and contact box

Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below. We’ll continue to update these as the questions roll in.

Q: Can I spend some money to do printing or some digital advertising or anything else to help the campaign?

A: Our voter registration campaign is bound by strict spending rules. You must speak with a member of the HNH team if you are planning on spending money on behalf of the campaign.

Q: As part of the HNH voter registration campaign, can I tell others who I think they should vote for?

A: This is a big no-no. Our voter registration must be totally non-partisan at all times, we are not able to support or align ourselves with one political party over another as part it.

If you’ve still got a burning question then please drop us a message:

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