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Despite being questioned by police in August over his alleged links to the banned terrorist group National Action (NA), Alex Davies remains at the centre…

Ignoring police interest and circumventing Government bans, Alex Davies agitates for a violent nationalist revolutionary movement and even calls for MPs to be targeted.

Despite being questioned by police in August over his alleged links to the banned terrorist group National Action (NA), Alex Davies remains at the centre of attempts to create a violent nationalist revolutionary movement in Britain.

Undeterred by his arrest, Davies is, if anything, becoming more active and confrontational. And he has recently publicly called for MPs to be targeted.

It was Swansea-based Davies who established NS131 – the “131” stolen from “Anti Capitalist Collective”, the far right German group that seems to have influenced Davies and his followers in much of NA’s outlook – as a way of continuing NA in another guise.

Unsurprisingly, the Government saw through this ruse and in September extended the National Action ban to cover NS131 and another front group, Scottish Dawn.

Despite the ban, Davies continues to circulate NS131 propaganda but he has also set up yet another far right outfit, the System Resistance Network (SRN).

The group’s website, which Davies controls, uses old National Action imagery and sets out its similarly confrontational approach. “The National Socialist never capitulates,” it reads. “He will never negotiate away his freedom. He will never compromise his ideals. We are revolutionary National Socialists united by struggle: the struggle against the System. “We are building a family of loyal and dedicated men and women who will not sit back while the storm clouds build. Our imperative is the destruction of the System. A system that imports non-Whites en masse to rape our children and colonise our country while criminalising any pushback from the public.”

Last September, the SRN targeted a gay rights Pride event in September, papering the parade route with posters reading “Hitler Was Right” and “Stop the Faggots”.

The fliers were downloaded from the group’s website – which includes images of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn with Stars of David on their foreheads – while inviting people to “join your local Nazis”.

The website accuses “degenerate” same-sex couples of abusing children, describes homosexuality as the “eternal social menace”, and calls for gay people to be “purged from society for the greater good”.

But Davies is not merely a propagandist, but also an activist. Earlier this year, Davies and his friends have plastered lampposts and walls across south Wales with antisemitic and Holocaust Denial material.

In a series of podcasts on “Aryan Radio”, Davies has offered advice on how to evade detection and the do’s and don’ts of answering police questions while running a secret cell apparently modelled on Leaderless Resistance, the strategy of US white supremacist terrorists in the 1990s.

More worryingly, he is also actively encouraging his supporters to target their opponents, especially female MPs, a favourite enemy of National Action.

Tracy Brabin, the current MP for Batley & Spen, the former constituency of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, has been the focus of his particular attention, adding more generally: “why don’t we see nationalist groups targeting these MPs for direct action?”

With such incendiary and violent rhetoric, it must only be a matter of time before the ban on NA is extended to the System Resistance Network and serious action is taken to deal with Davies himself.

Being investigated for involvement in National Action has done nothing to curb his nazi activism. In fact, it has only encouraged him to become more, brazen, open and direct. The authorities must act now before his rhetoric inspires someone to carry out a violent, possibly murderous, attack.

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