Far-right round up: National Action member joins the army

Matthew Collins - 09 01 17
The mass of the master race

There’s been some not inconsiderable fall-out from the Kebab-gate story we ran over the weekend.

Sadly, most of what has happened can’t be repeated or reported here for matters of good taste, common sense, legals etc, etc.

But there has been a knock-on effect. On Saturday the National Front (NF) protested in Maidstone using the name of the South East Alliance (SEA) the rag-tag bunch of underclass racists who ruin just about every far-right activity they organise. So used are the media in Kent to SEA disasters, they actually reported initially, that SEA failed to turn up!

We can confirm the SEA did protest, but it was led by the NF’s deputy leader Tony Martin and not the other (un)usual other moronic shouty white men of SEA. Joining the NF deputy leader was their little drummer man, and lover of the tool box, Mac McElhinny.

Luckily, to maintain the stupidity we associate with Kent fascists, David Coppin’s wife let him out to play with his race-hate mates. How… quaint?

In the North East, where there are more nazi groups than anywhere else in the country, a row continues to fester between the Sunderland Defence League (led by shouty caps lock legend Billy Charlton) and the North East Infidels (led by former crack dealer and all round good guy, Warren Faulkner.)

Now it seems that war is spreading to the North West, as John Vickers and Charlton have opened up a front against the drug gang the North West Infidels (NWI). Can you keep up?

Vickers: pointing fingers about drug dealers

Well, Vickers spells out what he finds so unpleasant about the gang in an on line discussion with Billy Charlton that he hoped we did not see or record. Sadly for him, we did. Johnny should be careful, some of the NWI know where plenty of skeletons are buried. And drugs, obviously.

It’s all true, actually!

And finally, as I am about to hop off on a plane to sunnier places, here is the first test for the government’s ban on the wannabe terror-gang, National Action:

Si Forster from East Anglia (DOB Sept 15th 1997) has been very active in National Action for the past 2-3 years and has even been thrown out of college for being a nasty nazi. Well, yesterday he began basic training with the British Army- you know, the place where people learn how to use guns, make bombs etc, etc.

Way to go, lads…

Now in the army
They may have missed this
and this…
Deary me, he’s now in training!


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