BNP chair’s latest failing: his memory

Sarah Archibald - 21 05 17

Adam Walker, chair of the British National Party, has many failings.

We’ve documented a number of them over the years. Today we can reveal the latest to be his memory.

A profile of Walker posted by the party as part of his election campaign in Bishop Auckland, is notable mainly for its many omissions.

To read it you’d think he was in line for beatification. Here’s a family man, an Army veteran, a community stalwart who “runs a very popular and unique karate club.”

British National Party election
Walker, guilty of sins of omission.

There was, sadly, and strangely, no room for some other of this great man’s achievements to be documented.

Never mind. We can help fill in some blanks.

Of late, Walker has arguably done even more than HOPE Not Hate to destroy the BNP.

Having gerrymandered the party election to seize it’s chair, he’s successfully slashed its membership down to around only 300.

Remember, at its height, the BNP took over a million votes to win two seats in the European parliament.

His “election” caused immediate ructions. Many longstanding and high profile members either left or were given the order of the jackboot.

They included his election rival Paul Hilliard, Salford organiser Gary Tumulty, Derbyshire activist Mick Sharpe, and  Bob “Barking” Taylor, of Barking.

Walker on drugs

Defections have continued across the membership, accelerated no doubt by our exclusive investigation into just what went on at the party’s “filthy” Cumbrian HQ

Speaking to my colleague Matthew Collins, BNP staff member and former councillor Dawn Charlton revealed what many already knew. Drug abuse – most notably of cocaine – was rife, with one official said to have made a tidy sum from dealing.

Walker  on knife crime

Voters in the constituency might want to ask where this “family man” stands on knife crime.

Famously Walker has a lifetime ban from teaching after chasing three kids with a knife and slashing the tyres on their bikes.

This is also what makes his karate club “unique.”

Walker has exploited a loophole in the law to enable him to coach children in the sport. No criminal conviction disclosures for him. Being self-employed and having no national sport body to account to, allows him to circumvent that lifetime ban

It’s a loophole his Labour rival in the upcoming election, Helen Goodman, has sought to close for a number of years, after HOPE Not Hate first revealed what Walker was up to.

Pete Molloy, a one-time BNP pal, has helpfully pointed out how Walker has used the club to try and groom local children into the politics of hate.

Adam Walker karate club Spennymoor
Walker sought to use his karate club to recruit kids to the BNP cause.

Walker on data protection

With the “snoopers charter” part of the election debate, Walker’s stand on protection of privacy would also be interesting to hear.

In her interview Charlton alleged that BNP staff and members’ emails were accessed by Walker’s inner circle. She also said that dissenting members’ mobile phones were cloned as part of a campaign of intimidation.

Walker on election fraud

The possible introduction of voter ID at polling booths is another hot topic. We’ve not stumbled across Walker’s view but we might speculate his experience could prove pertinent.

Charlton alleges that Walker’s HQ henchman, Clive Jefferson, told her before the BNP’s 2015 internal elections that he was “going to add on extra people onto the family memberships she he’s getting four votes out of each house, instead of one, which will all go to Adam Walker.

Walker on community relations

In his candidate profile, the BNP complains that the “Political establishment and the Far Left bullied and persecuted him for years, calling him a racist and worse.”

Well unfortunately for Walker, his predecessor, Nick Griffin, happily admitted, on camera, that “we are racists.” Walker was then a staunch Griffin ally who became a researcher on his European team. He later stabbed him in the back.

Given the incident with the schoolkids, we should point out that stabbing was purely metaphorical.

Given the allegations of harassment and violence made by Charlton of the Walker regime, it’s also a bit rich for him to complaining of so-called bullying.

He’s not been bullied. He’s been exposed by us and others for exactly what he is.

He may have forgotten his many indiscretions, but we have not.


You can view Dawn Charlton exposing Life In The BNP by clicking here. It’s recommended viewing.








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