The Shocking Far-Right Fantasies of Reform UK candidate Beau Dade

Gregory Davis - 21 03 24

A Reform Party candidate fantasised about deporting “millions” of British citizens to “rid itself of the foreign plague we have been diseased with”.

UPDATE: Reform UK has DROPPED Benjamin ‘Beau’ Dade as their candidate for South Swindon. Read our full investigation below.

HOPE not hate can reveal that Benjamin “Beau” Dade, Reform’s parliamentary candidate in South Swindon, published an extreme “policy roadmap” in November 2022 in which he anticipated forcibly deporting anyone who has settled in the UK since 1997:

“The reality of this policy will inevitably be messy. Whole families crying and shrieking and being violent and destructive when they are being detained. This is just one more unfortunate horror which the leftists and globalists and traitors have forced upon us.”

In an article for The Mallard website, a little-read far-right outlet, he called for “millions of foreigners and their dependents” to be expelled from the country and the prosecution of civil servants and judges, calling them “a cancer which must be cut out, regardless of the disruption it causes”. The content of the article appears to have been too extreme even for The Mallard: the article was deleted from the website shortly after publication and was not included in subsequent print editions.

He also listed an array of “seditious” organisations that he wanted to see banned by the government, which included the BBC and Daily Mail:

“There will need to be a policy that describes a set of laws which proscribe all openly seditious and revolutionary organisations. They are simply to be banned. A small list of the organisations this would include… HOPE not hate. The BBC. Channel 4. The Guardian. The Mail Group. Stonewall. Care for Calais. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue. On and on.”

Dade’s extreme manifesto is an embarrassment for Reform UK, which has spent much of the past week issuing angry denials that it can be classified a far-right party. Using wording that is at times indistinguishable from that of fascist groups throughout the past century, it is clear that Dade himself must have seen the party as an appropriate vehicle for his ambitions.

“Once Britain has suppressed its traitor class—even in part—and rid itself of the foreign plague we have been diseased with, a great many of our economic and societal problems will be massively improved”

Dade’s toxic politics isn’t limited to immigrants and what he perceives as left-wing institutions; he has expounded at length on his dislike of Scotland and Scottish people. In a March 2024 conversation with the conspiracy theorist and English Constitution Party founder Graham Moore, Dade launched into an angry anti-Scotland rant and compared the Scottish people to a “turd that won’t flush” and a “boil you have to keep lancing”.

“The Scottish economy is tiny, anyway. I mean what do they actually export, Irn Bru and smack? […] As far as the English are concerned they’re like a turd that won’t flush, to be quite honest. It’s like a boil that you have to keep lancing over and over again, it’s so frustrating.”

Full English Show, 21 March 2023

Dade is a first-time candidate for Reform, and is currently working full-time as a content creator for the far-right media outlet called the Lotus Eaters, for whom he has interviewed the Reform Party leader Richard Tice, and his deputy Ben Habib. Dade’s candidate profile on Reform’s website promotes his position at the Lotus Eaters, a platform through which he has discussed conspiracy theories about immigration and claimed that Enoch Powell was not extreme enough:

“Even in the 1990s, you could point to Enoch Powell and say, he had exaggerated a bit, hadn’t he,” Dade said in one video. “And now, you can say he undersold it.”

Lotus Eaters Podcast, 22 May 2023

In a January 2024 conversation with Reform UK’s deputy leader Ben Habib, Dade described the immigrants as “an endless stream of foreign fifth columnists”, while in another podcast he evoked the far-right “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory:

“A lot of their actions, or their policies – just like the Conservative Party – are well, traitorous – deliberately, it seems to me, flooding us with an endless stream of foreign fifth columnists. That’s how I would put it. It’s a crime of monumental proportions.”

Lotus Eaters Podcast, 29 January 2024

“It seems to be a very deliberate, conscious plan to change our demographic for all time, to replace us.”

Lotus Eaters Podcast, 22 May 2023

If Reform UK wants to avoid being labelled as far right, they should perhaps work harder at keeping the likes of Dade from their list of candidates.


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