Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 28 05 17
Lake: Some explaining to do?



A small story broke last week concerning an American neo-Nazi group that was linked to our own small group of neo-Nazis, National Action. Yes, a man with a large amount of bomb making supplies came to this country previously to hang out with our own version of his group. We’re still waiting to see what, if any action, is taken by the authorities to find out exactly what the two groups had to talk about when he was here.

National Action: Minding the doors now?

National Action (NA) is of course, supposed to be a proscribed group in the UK, but as we have already proven back in March, the group continues its terrorist preparations seemingly unmolested by the unstable Ben Raymond’s actions.

Raymond has for a long time put himself up as the leader of the group; mostly because that fulfills some kind of sick fantasy that he has going on in his sick mind. Hardly one of the hard-men of the group, Raymond still carries the blemish from his one and only fight- a woman in Swansea beat him up in his one and only attempt at “smashing the Reds.”

But we do maintain here at HOPE not hate that National Action is, as Raymond bragged it would be, still active, still organising and still recruiting. Inasmuch, Raymond is now taking credit for the beefed up security at meetings of the London Forum and their associated groups elsewhere in the country.

Anymore than three of NA’s past or former members in a room together is a breach of their proscription order. So maybe the police should look into which group provided security for the recent South West Forum. Perhaps Julie Lake, who organises the Forum between phone calls to the police complaining that some other fascists don’t like her, could furnish the police with some useful details for once, other than complaining about Jack Sen’s stupidity?

Whilst the people of Manchester are still coming to terms with the horrendous attack on their city, it will be cold comfort for them knowing that around the country far-right groups are having an argument as to who should lead a drunken and obnoxious pilgrimage this July.

Mccuster: Wrongly accused of being a child rapist
Jemson: (not) wanted in Darwen










At the moment it appears the lead for a planned July march against Islam in the city is the remaining members of the Nazi drug gang, the North West Infidels. Most of the male members of the gang are currently in gaol, so it has been left to the ‘WAGS’ to organise something on their behalf.  They’re calling themselves ‘Parents Against Islam’ or some other such nonsense. Among their numbers is Deborah Jemson, of who we cannot say too much for legal reasons, other than she has left Darwen in a hurry and she is now hiding with other members of the gang. It is simply out of respect to the locals in Darwen there that we are not going to share some of the things being written about Jemson.

The problem the women organising this protest are having is the interference of walking and talking disaster Paul Prodromou of the South East Alliance (SEA). To make matters worse, Prodromou is walking around like a free man while their partners’ are in prison and Prodromou is barking orders and insults at them for not consulting him on how to organise and execute a PR disaster. He is, after all, painfully experienced in such matters. Prodromou has turned up the heat as it were, by turning on his notoriously foulmouthed charm.


Somehow, that managed to spill over into sections of the National Front and and it all became predictably vile, violent and threatening. Mike Mccuster who left Scarborough minus his best mate who tried to beat an old lady to death. Mccuster found himself accused of being a child rapist by Prodromou (who uses the name ‘Pitt’ so that nobody knows he is actually Cypriot) as the arguments continued.

Prodromou: Foulmouthed fascist on thin ice

The row then escalated until shock-horror, everyone decided that Prodromou should be deported himself Are you keeping up with this? is Eddie Stampton still persisting with accusing Prodromou’s partner of being a Jewish spy? Read on…


Anyway, the proposed organiser of the Manchester march/demo/piss up is one Chez Heath of Wigan, who is supposed to be consoling Kevin Watmough who has suffered a tragic humiliation/benching on the domestic front recently. Heath has exploded with rage and is threatening all kinds of retribution against Prodromou. Others are promsing to visit Prodromou’s home and inflict violence on him. Good luck with that one- ask Britain First how that turned out…

Chez Heath: A lot on her plate…

Hoping to join in the fun of giving Prodromou his comeuppance is Roy Price Junior, recently released from prison. Price Junior was one of the few fascists who went to prison for the Dover riots who took it on the chin and did not complain that others were grassing and allegedly robbing monies while he was doing his bird. Now out of prison and very much skint, Price is one of a number of people who are questioning where the alleged drug money set aside for patriots in prison has gone.

Roy Price Junior: Sit this one out, son..

Not that we’re particular fans of Price, but our advice to him is to sit this one out. Even if you do make it to Manchester and wear a silly face mask, you’ll be back behind bars like your probation officer warned you.



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