Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 07 08 17

Well, last week was an exciting one for white people.  It culminated with a “thumping” 23 people outside Belfast’s City Hall watching the latest installment in Britain First’s travelling circus of freaks, fascists and spivs limp in to town.


Thank goodness that the unpleasant incident in a hotel in Rochdale has now been put behind the group. So what if you lose a few more of your personal security detail every time one of you gets amorous and the other gets jealous? Happens all the time at shit weddings, for instance.

Since Rochdale, Britain First have been saddled with the walking and talking moron Andrew Edge– a man whose life is surely worthy of its own comic strip. Mr Edge, who had his teeth knocked out during a one-man (attempted) assault on the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, feels truly at home in Britain First, having been told to leave the English Defence League (EDL), on account of his drunken and disruptive behaviour.

Yesterday morning, as Edge prepared for his trip to Belfast, he photographed himself in what they would probably describe in Savile Row as a “shit” suit.  It is actually no reflection on the suit, just the moron inside of it. Oh yes, he was brandishing what looked like a gun, too.

Worse was to come for Edge upon his arrival in Belfast. The local newspaper had an article describing him as a “moron”. Talk about reputations proceeding etc, etc. Edge then went complaining that the IRA would now be after him.


Also with the contingent was former English Democrat Paul Rimmer. He describes himself as a “good Christian”, but there doesn’t appear to be much in his past to suggest he is anything of the sort. When you consider the English Dems regularly engage in electoral fraud, it takes quite something to be booted out of the party. Rimmer succeeded spectacularly however, after this little incident.

Anyway, I’m probably not alone in suggesting that Britain First’s visit was more to do with gay pride events also taking place that weekend. For the record, over 15,000 people attended Gay Pride in the city and as I have already said, only 23 turned up for Britain First’s shindig. Still, they didn’t let Rimmer’s presence in their city go totally unnoticed. Some were as witty as they are risqué in bidding him a not-so-fond farewell..


What’s left of the National Front (NF), held a rather rare Directorate meeting, too. All the big knobs were there;  Kevin Bryan, Richard Edmonds, Tony Martin, the deviant Kevin Layzell and now, for G_d knows how long, Julie Lake.

Lake was breathless at joining the ruling body- or in her own words “lofty heights” of the rejected cast offs of a drug gang.  According to Lake there are many “exciting” things about to happen that should put the NF back in the public eye. There certainly is. Even if little Kevin Layzell manages to wipe his hard drive clean, no-one is likely to escape the next big fall-out. You may have escaped the bullying and wet-willies of National Action, Mr Layzell, but what’s done is done. Mark my word, ask Ben Raymond, nothing sings like a caged bird.



Talking of National Action (NA), it was only ten or so days ago that Ben Raymond was bragging his group of wannabe terrorists could never be smashed.  It’s not since he soiled himself at a posh hotel in Northampton that Raymond has been in such a panic. To say his friends are deserting and blaming him for a quite spectacular demise is an understatement. So, late at night under typewriter light, he’s currently ripping his ribbon to shreds. No more revolutionary protestations from the filth of his Swansea bedsit, no more veiled threats, no more manic calls to “White Jihad”.

What you need lad is a good brief, and not the one your old mate Lawrence had. This has got Chesterton written all over it, hasn’t it?

Another not-so-squeaky individual in the National Action fall-outs is Mark Collett. Yes, Collett is first to tell everyone that he warned NA about hanging around with the paedophile Ryan Fleming, and maybe you did, Mark. But, what about the photographs of you with others in the group who have been very, very naughty? It’ll all come out in the wash very soon.

Stampton: Bench- pressing



Talking of wash, it’s a long time no hear from police grass and drug dealer Eddie Stampton. So, if you want to see him bench pressing in an East London gym, he’s put a video of himself up for public consumption. According to Al who watched it, the combination of steroids, recreational drugs and bench-pressing too much is a likely combination to damage his pearly whites. Maybe Stampton is in training to try and beat another woman to near death or maybe mug another bloke he “bumps into” down Brighton way.

And finally, Mr Morgan Elsby. Seek help, lad. Seriously. Seek help.


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