Confused Chriscole ditches self defence classes for mental health counselling

Sarah Archibald - 09 11 17

Steve Chriscole is a rum character.

Getting on for three years ago my colleague Mathew Collins wrote a few words about him.

Then he was hanging with Britain First and simultaneously insisting he wasn’t racist. A cool story I’m sure you’ll agree.

Oh yes, he was also promoting martial arts self-defence classes to the good people of Lancashire. Strangely though, he wasn’t keen on people who weren’t racist noting he was basing those classes at a local authority community centre

Chriscole has recently announced quite the career change.

Today he’s a mental health counsellor. Got an ADV. DIPS. COUNS. apparently. That looks like the qualification offered by the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Unlikely though, because they have no listing for Steve Chriscole among their registered counsellors in Wigan – nor among the more than 300 therapists the association lists within 20 miles of the town.

No matter, I’m sure it’s kosher.

Besides, his CV is very impressive. I’d be surprised if he’d didn’t invent Penicillin and the rotary engine. RAF radar technician, Special Educational Needs teaching assistant, NHS therapist…this boy’s done it all.

He’s also written a book. Well, one of those blog type things you can flog on the internet.

I’m sure it’s great and that there can be nothing safer, or better,  than learning about childhood depression and how to tackle it from a not-racist expert like Chriscole.

Chriscole, in his Britain First togs, not being racist in Bolton.

But it’s not just a major career leap that Chriscole has made. He’s pinned his political sails to a new mast too.

Admittedly this is less of leap. More of a shuffle.

He’s ditched Paul “Glasgow kiss” Golding and Jayda Fransen.

He’s declared UKIP dead.

He’s connected with the Kippers leadership reject Anne Marie Waters.

Yes, it’s forward with For Britain, the all new formula fascist vehicle. They get your whites than white. Probably.

Steve Chriscole Wigan
The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.


Desperate to be a thing in the far right, Chriscole seems to be following the same path he followed with Britain First. His modus operandi (they do like a bit of Latin) is simple. Fawn to the leader, hand out a few leaflets, grab a sliver of the limelight.

That ploy earned him the title of Wigan Organiser, and organise he did. The conference he hosted in the town was massive. Well, OK, it attracted only about ten Biffers but there were LOADS of Greater Manchester Police officers.

Those Wigan conference delegates, more or less in full.

No joy as yet with Waters, but nil desperandum Steve. Early days, early days. With your organisation skills, political clout, not to mention massive charisma, she’ll soon be knocking on your door.

Anyway, if you’re in the Wigan area, need a defence radar fixing, want to pick up a black Shodan belt, receive mental health counselling, require a poorly attended conference organising and/or not be racist, Chriscole’s your man.

So Steve, we wish you well with the latest of your career exploits. Don’t forget mate, if you send us a copy of that diploma we’ll frame it for you.

We did this for AMW. Loved it she did.




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