Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 04 12 17

So, here is what we know: the President of the United States has re-tweeted three items by Britain First’s Jayda Fransen. How Mr Trump came across the rather inconsequential Ms Fransen’s Twitter account is something of a mystery. But never mind.

While the whole country (allegedly) was crying into their Fairtrade cornflakes, few people bothered to ask why she still has an account (or Britain First for that matter), when all it seems to do is tweet lots of rather unpleasant and unsavoury things, which are all, of course, monetised to earn Britain First money.

Yes, every ISIS beheading, rape, Islamic outrage and parking offence that pours forth from their social media to get you angry, also gets them rich. Given that much of their more shocking material is taken in turn from the not-so outraged ISIS who originate most of the filth, it’s fair to say they are funding each other. Nice work.

More money-making filth

We also know (because they rung me) that there is a very moral majority so outraged by Trump’s actions that they even want Twitter to remove Fransen’s ‘authentication’, like they have done with EDL founder Tommy Robinson’s account. How amusing.

Twitter appears to be saying it is not Tommy Robinson behind the Twitter account that daily reminds us that he is no fan of Muslims and that a terror attack is only a fumbling tweet away.

Of course, it’s not Tommy is it? It’s Stephen Lennon, one equally unpleasant half of the counter-jihad Jekyll and Hyde. He’s outraged. It’s another example of Islamists taking over Twitter, apparently, telling him who he is and who he is not (creeping Sharia, he has called it in the past).

The other point which should be brought up is that nothing, or at least very little, that Fransen tweets (or is actually tweeted for her) can be verified as actually true or faithful. It’s just nasty stuff.

Unperturbed by this fact, it seems Mr Trump’s office points out that it does not actually matter, as the threat is real anyway. One assumes the truth of this “threat” in turn, comes from watching unverified social media.

We also know, that people now think (because they ring us) that there is a massive far-right movement about to take power in this country. More far right than this government, probably.

Obviously, this will be the case once government has moved to social media and we are all governed by text messaging, holiday snaps, updates on the moon landings and pictures of kittens being mothered by bitches.

We also suspect, because Fransen, Paul Golding and Britain First all junk-tweet together the same nonsense, that Golding will probably be a little jealous that Trump found his deputy and not him, the leader, to re-tweet. It is a good question, though. What does the Deputy Leader of Britain First exhibit that Golding does not?

Just act natural…

Well, she exhibited all her finest attributes on behalf of all the decent people of our fine ‘Islamic Republic’ in a personal video address to the President soon after. Yes, we may be living under Sharia law, but thank G_d Ms Fransen took the very brave step of displaying the very crucifix upon which Herr Golding has been crucified many times, to plead for the President to intervene in our Sharia-dominated Republic and help her from facing any more Sharia courts in the future.

While Fransen was having her Marilyn Monroe moment, Herr Golding was driving and talking furiously up some motorway in Kent, having just rushed to book a hotel room from where he and Fransen could continue their charm offensive.

Turning on his wireless, Herr Golding heard none other than Trump’s mate, Nigel Farage, saying nasty things about Britain First. Therein began another of Golding’s infamous rants where he reminded us (and Farage) that it was he and his uniformed mates that attacked a drama group who had spoiled some dinner Nigel and his family were having somewhere. That’s gratitude for you, eh?

Not happy with Farage?

We also know that hotel rooms are currently a difficult subject in Britain First. Back in July it was alleged that that there was an assault on a woman carried out by a 35-year-old man linked with Britain First in a hotel in Oldham after a Britain First rally in Rochdale. Thirty-five year old Golding is still under investigation for it.

We also know that Fransen’s beau at the time has since told a Sunday newspaper that Fransen tried to cover up the alleged assault. In fact, as The Guardian quite brilliantly put it, behind the online curtain is a minute, incoherent party.

Fransen’s former beau also claimed that Britain First was funded by a criminal enterprise masterminded by Golding’s younger brother. Judge for yourself whether that is even likely…

What appears most important to the party leadership is that people in Poland do not find out the nationality of the woman making the allegations. As for the endless private messages and adult pics that are doing the rounds, we know for sure it is best to ignore that rather sordid nonsense. It could tear the party apart… Unlike their “fruitful” association with Polish fascists…

The other allegations now surfacing regarding cat strangling, defecation, death threats and soiled sex toys being “lobbed” through people’s living windows are actually a job for the police in Kent, not us.

£100 rewards

Coppin: just a jealous guy

Talking of Kent, it’s a big ‘Welcome Home’ to our favourite race-hating race-mixer, David Coppin. Coppin’s just returned to Margate from a trip to The Philippines where he sponged off the family of his wife, under the auspices of looking to move there in the near future.

Apparently David has put a massive dent in his personal funds by following nazi gangs up and down the country and has now decided the best way to avoid pesky non-white immigrants and live a life of cheap boozing is to move to The Philippines.

He’s not so skint however that he cannot offer a £100 reward to whoever it was that gave us a picture of Coppin and his wife. So indulted by the ‘betrayal’ is Coppin, he has called an emergency meeting of all ‘Kent Patriots’ for 9:30 this Thursday in the Mechanical Elephant pub on Margate seafront. I should make this perfectly clear however, that it’s 09.30hrs. In the morning.

Those rascals over at EDL News caught wind of the event and have even set up a Facebook group for it. Margate really is the home for funny far-right stuff: who can forget the bizarre love triangle in the very same Mechanical Elephant Pub last year?

Anyway, Coppin is apparently threatening to give lovelorn Gary Field from said triangle a punch on the nose if he discovers it was him who gave us the pictures of Coppin and his Filipino wife.

This punch up should begin before 10.00am.

Where’s Rad?

‘Rad’ at home in Wythenshawe

Hey kids, it’s not just Paul Prodroumou who escapes the hijab of justice. Much news last week about the people who organised Polish Neo-nazis to riot in Liverpool finally getting some justice.

We’re all aware that is was none other than Shane Calvert who organised the riot, but still there has been no sign of any such justice for the man who arranged the Poles, Radziu Rekke, aka Radizu Radaslaw, from Wythenshawe in Manchester. It seems ‘Rad’ has vanished off the face of this earth, abandoning the family home, his job at the Premier Inn and disappeared to Poland.

‘Rad’ spreading the Brit-Pole nazi love

Manchester-born Rekke/Radaslav, was the middle man in the deal and even stood and translated for the Poles in Liverpool, when the desperately outnumbered British Nazi contingent were desperately demanding the Poles attacked antifascists and police officers.

Polish nazis arrive to riot in Liverpool last year


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