Disability charity worker Jules Brownlee in Nazi death camp jibe.

Sarah Archibald - 31 12 17

Far right flag-waver Julie Brownlee has boasted of how she abused a Jewish man over the festive season.

Brownlee, of Lowestoft, posted on Facebook of how she told the man “Your shower’s ready”, a reference to the Nazi gas chambers.

Her comment was seized upon by former National Front (NF) activist Paul Warburton who replied “fire up the ovens.”

These posts were made over the Christmas holidays.

Both of these disgusting anti-Semites could do with brushing up on their theology.

For good measure, Brownlee also posted a White Pride message on Christmas Day. I really hope she does not see herself as a Christian, because she is some distance from being so.

What is even more shocking is that Brownlee is employed by a charity which supports people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues.


Under the Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases and then the “mercy death” programme, these people would have suffered the same fate as Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

Before Christmas Brownlee asked her Facebook friends to suggest suitable party games for those in her care. The responses were predictably abhorrent.

You’re right about at least one thing Julie. I don’t think that the powers that be will be at all impressed with your anti-Semitic jibe, your mates’ foul suggestions and your long associations with extreme far right groups.

So extreme are Brownlee’s views that last year she was expelled by UKIP. This, the party said, was due to her “associating with the English Defence League” (EDL).

She denied that association. I can go with that. She has long hung with organisations even more thuggish than the EDL.

She attended the South East Alliance’s (SEA) violent Dover demonstration which resulted in some 60 fascists being banged up.

She has spoken at not just SEA protests but those organised by other tawdry racist gangs such as the North East Infidels, Wayne “Brains” Knight’s laughable Bishop Auckland Against Islam, Shane Calvert’s North West Infidels and the Scottish Defence League.

Brownlee is hardly shy of her associations with know far right and violent gangs.

North East Infidels Angelic UpstartsAs far right headbangers go, these are Premier League. A number of their supporters – such as Warren Faulkner, left –  hung out with members of the now proscribed National Action and Scottish Dawn. Incidentally, Faulkner once called for the stabbing of Angelic Upstarts front man, Mensi Mensforth.


As HOPE not hate previously reported, as recently as November she spoke to the small rabble that comprises the NEI and BAAI in Durham.

All of this raises some difficult questions for her employer. No doubt those will be being asked in the New Year.

Julie Brownlee aka Jules Brave Heart with English Volunteer Force colleagues.








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