Far Right Round Up

Matthew Collins - 28 02 18

The fall out from the conviction of a leading English Defence League (EDL) member for child rape continues.

Unsurprisingly, as it has done many, many times before, the EDL has denied the child abuser was a leading member, merely stating that he had been to the odd demonstration.

We all know this is a lie, which is why several fascists have gone out of their way to try and cover up McMillan’s association with the group and the many, many other satellite fascist groups that operate around the country.

Ian Crossland, long high up in the EDL hierarchy, reveals McMillan’s crimes.

The EDL and the many of McMillan’s friends who tried to hide the awful truth about their association with him are outraged that HOPE not hate has reported the issue.

Let us make this clear: there is no glee, joy or solace to be taken on our part regarding McMillan’s activities. And to be honest, I have no doubt that those brave souls in his former groups now threatening to murder him are quite genuine and sincere in their shock and disgust.

As they continue to contact us, outraged and in numbers, we’d like to point out the problem is with their hypocrisy in demanding that we do not associate them with McMillan’s activities. Meanwhile, they will continue to target the entire Muslim community in Britain as paedophiles.

Unsurprisingly, this anti-paedophile campaign by the EDL and friends is not stopping in Bristol, home of a gang of baby raping white men. Why? Because it’s an all-white, non-Muslim grooming gang presumably.

Despite being arrested for his child sex abuse crimes in 2016, McMillan was active with the EDL and other groups throughout last year. Apparently they were under the impression he had “only” committed a violent robbery. So that’s alright then…

Britain First almost burst

Britain First’s problems are endless and always more than legal.

Nobody could have missed the endless Coronation Street style bed-hopping capers of Golding’s shower over the past 12 months.

Clean living Steve Lewis.

Steve Lewis, the mind-numbing thug from Planet Thanet who was for so long their number one bodyguard, continues to now pour scorn and gossip on his former friends and employers’.

His latest outpouring of hatred against Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen focuses somewhat on Andrew Edge, the toothless and cerebrally challenged thug who took Lewis’s place in Golding and Fransen’s hearts last year.

Talking of broken hearts

Last month’s article about the missing ‘Dear John’ letter that never made its way to faux UVF hardman Tommy Law had a surprising effect.

It now appears that lovebirds Luke Pippen and Jade Griffiths have split rather acrimoniously due to a number of issues – none the least Law’s missing television and furniture that found its way from his old abode in Coventry to Pippen’s home.

Does a custody battle loom over care of the most intelligent animal?

Griffiths, who runs her own Nazi skinhead music scene, has also been asked questions about her “friendships” with people in Bristol and whether that had any bearing on the attack on the South West Forum last year.

We couldn’t possibly comment on such things, but it would help Jade if she actually paid some of her Nazi performers some of the thousands of pounds that are still owed.

The National Front is dead

The massed ranks of the NF up against the wall in Sheffield.

A massive meeting of the National Front (NF) in Sheffield on the weekend drew just 16 people. Most actually got to speak at the rally.

Jordan Pont, the NF’s head of security, is apparently seething at being slighted by the British Movement of which he is also a member. Pont asked the ‘BM’ for help guarding the venue in Sheffield city centre but got little of the requested assistance.

It’s not the first time Pont has been rebuffed by the BM. At last year’s AGM he was shouted down during an anti-Muslim rant with some BM members describing Pont and the NF as “Kosher”.

The NF leader, Kev Bryan, is desperate for former National Action members to join his party, if only to help tidy up their dreadful website and video editing skills.

Kev Bryan: when a Minion goes bad.

A Polish nazi library

The National Rebirth of Poland (NOP), the domiciled Polish nazi group in this country, has come up with a novel idea to keep recruiting people. The group is meant to be tied in with the National Front, having cemented a love-in last year with an exchange of tatty flags.

However, the National Front is more of the book-burning variety of Nazi than the book-reading. This has become glaringly apparent in the growing schism between NF members and their Polish counterparts.

The NOP is planning on opening a library in Devon (Exeter of all places) in May, for Poles who will then go and read a selection of books on Jew hating. Maria Przybylska, who is behind the idea, recently persuaded her progressive employers to send her on a course that may well help the NOP.

Let’s hope if this is a joint exercise with the NF, those books have lots of pictures for them to colour in.

Lennon ‘threatens’ anti-terror chief

No Far Right Round Up would be truly complete without reference to the latest crime against intelligence committed by Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

There’s always plenty to go at, but we’ll plump for appearing to threaten the head of UK counter terrorism policing.

The febrile fake journalist took issue with Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who pointed out his role in the radicalisation of Finsbury Park terrorist, Darren Osborne. So Lennon used his Twitter account to say he would find him. Not at all sinister that, Stephen.

Lennon also went mysteriously silent after the victim of a rape in the North of England responded to insinuations he made on Twitter. He had seen the lack of a physical description of her attackers to mean… well you can guess the rest.

Thanks to his intervention and attempts to trace her, the victim felt forced to go to her local paper and tell them her attackers were white. Cue a deafening silence from down Bedfordshire way because… well, you can again guess the rest.

Tongue-tied Stephen Lennon

We wish the police all the best in catching the perpetrators and our thoughts go to their victim.


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