Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 09 03 18

So, Jayda Fransen spent her International Women’s Day in HMP Bronzefield, Middlesex.

There has been a mixture of hue and cry over Fransen and Paul Golding’s imprisonment for hate crimes.

Despite also targeting an innocent person with accusations that they were a rapist – which forced them to move house – most of the far right felt the pair were hard done by and in the case of the innocent victim targeted, he was merely some kind of casualty of war.

Smile please …

The judge, in sentencing, said the pair “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and the Muslim faith. I am not entirely sure what relevance that actually has, as hostility is not a crime.

They incited religious hatred, which is a crime. Were the judge to look at mainstream society, he would find hostility towards Muslims and the Muslim faith is sadly at an all time high.

Some on the far right, however, were a little less gracious about the pair’s conviction and imprisonment, among them Fransen’s former bodyguard Steve Lewis who intimated Golding was a coward who would inevitably end up on special measures (i.e. locked away with sex offenders and other vulnerable prisoners).

Others pointed out that Golding, describing himself in court as merely Fransen’s occasional cameraman, had thrown her under a bus to save himself and get two not-guilty-verdicts from three of the charges he was facing.

Perhaps if Golding had taken Fransen’s police mugshot we could have been spared comments about Fransen’s looks and appearance – and not just from the far right, sadly.

Paul Golding mugshot

Anybody who insists on still sharing those other pictures of Fransen like some kind of warped trophy, obviously need reminding again that revenge porn carries a five-year sentence.

Who takes over and runs Britain First now is anybody’s guess. Should the begging letters from Biffer Central suddenly reappear cutting straight to the chase and simply demanding beer and fags, it would be a fair assumption that serial wally and police grass Andrew Edge has taken over the asylum.

Golding was so confident he was not going to prison it’s believed he made no real provision in the event that he was actually found guilty and sentenced. Normal service will no doubt be resumed, whatever happens.

Golding telling the court he was teetotal must’ve made even poor old Fransen blush from under the bus he pushed her.

And finally

And finally, here is the latest look from National Action founder Ben Raymond. Has he changed his name to Mr Tickle?

That moustache …


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