Return of Polish nazi via Ukraine ‘Rat Line’ thwarted

Sarah Archibald - 08 04 18

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to write anything about our diminishing brains trust of fascists, without the worry and concern of upsetting ongoing and impending court proceedings.

Still, one piece of court news we can give you concerns a former member of the nazi terror gang Combat 18.

Nick Cooper, a convicted thug and football hooligan, had been hiding in Canada for a good few years until the authorities there caught up with him. After a lively appeal hearing at which one of my colleagues gave evidence, Mr Cooper is expected back on British soil any day now.

I’m not entirely sure that is something to look forward to, but it certainly does strengthen the argument in keeping traveling nazis away from where they are not wanted.

Rat Lines

Talking of keeping out travelling nazis, word is that naughty Polish neo-Nazi David Czerwonko was turned away from British shores for the second time only last week. You may recall Czerwonko was some kind of hero to Brexit supporters when he stole the beret of anti-Brexit comedian, Eddie Izzard.

Yes, Czerwonko was just some jolly good Polish chef up to ‘jolly japes’ when newspapers reported his bit of fun. Still, it was not long until we put them straight – that he was a hardline and violent member of a Polish nazi gang linked to both the National Front and National Action.

He had been involved in quite substantive violence while living here, and was certainly no loss when he was refused re-entry back to the UK last year.

But here is the interesting thing. You may recall a recent article by my colleague Matthew Collins, about nazis recruiting other nazis to go off to the Ukraine.


Czerwonko was one of the people named as the “mastermind” of a “rat line” that would take nazis out to the Ukraine via Poland and then back to either here or the Republic of Ireland in return.

Much of the idea behind using Ireland as a bolthole came from rather foolish and romantic ideas some people had, about the journey from there to the UK being some kind of daredevil adventure carried out by revolutionaries who did not want to get spotted by the authorities.

You’ll probably recall this daft idea being used by Britain First’s leadership when they wanted to con more money out of their diminishing band of admirers in the United States late last year.

Sadly for Czerwonko, the Polish authorities appear to have phoned their colleagues in both Ireland and the UK to tell them he was on his way to Ireland. Czerwonko, in a move that would probably give the DUP nightmares, then crossed into Northern Ireland to catch a boat to Britain in the belief that there were no checks on who was getting on or off boats from Ireland. Or something like that. I got so bored by my colleague explaining it in minute and excitable detail that I began washing my hair.

Torn coats & shouty

Anyway, Czerwonko is back in Poland again, and that is good news for Kevin Layzell who has his own passionate and unfulfilled reasons for not wanting ‘Nazi Dave’, who is a chef by trade, cutting his lunch.

Layzell was looking like he had a rather sprightly spring in his step yesterday, when the National Front (NF) turned up outside the South African Embassy in London.

Edmonds: He gave them everything, even his pride.

It’s fair to say the NF gets more pitiful by the day.

It’s not enough that veteran Holocaust denier Richard Edmonds is being bled dry by his fellow troublesome Holocaust deniers for whom he empties his ever diminishing coffers on a weekly basis. No, the NF also dragged Edmonds into London for its “day of action” and the poor old blighter has actually now taken to taping his one remaining coat together!

So much for these parasites “looking after our old folk”.

According to the NF, yesterday’s rabble on display was their crème de la crème. Check out party Chairman Kev Bryan either trying to find his brain or pick a winner with Julie Lake, the party’s font of all knowledge on broken down old nags.

Either way, Lake was not in the best of moods, apparently she got quite shouty with a few of her comrades. I guess the story in the papers last week about a certain terror-gang planning to take over the party (yes, you read it here first) has got her all hot under the collar with certain people.

Jordan Pont: piles of trouble.

This may explain why head of security Jordan Pont, despite a spiffing badge on his anorak, walked around all day as if his haemorrhoids were playing him up.

The NF giving it to the man, yesterday


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