NF in tatters over the state of a coat

Matthew Collins - 10 04 18

Sunday evening’s blog about the Polish chef denied entry back into the UK has caused outrage in the National Front (NF).

It would appear our blog was re-posted on Facebook by National Action hanger-on Alexandra Burton, who took issue with the condition of the clothing worn by the NF’s Richard Edmonds on the gang’s outing to London.

Edmonds: He gave them everything, even his pride.

Ms Burton asked the not entirely unreasonable question whether it was right the National Front continue to drain Edmonds for his cash when he has to tape together his winter coat.

And believe me, the NF really are tapping up taped-up Edmonds. It’s not for me to reveal how much the pensioner has coughed up since he returned from a lucrative job in Russia years and years ago, but given that he has not worked in something like 20 years I’m assuming they are eating into his savings, his pension and possibly some bequest he was left.

Ms Burton (left) in 2011 with Edmonds in the background

Veteran nazi

Unlike some of the reprobates currently using Edmonds like their personal piggy bank, I have known him for over 30 years. Obviously, we have not been on talking terms for a while, but when I was a 15-year-old boy visiting his Nazi bookshop in Welling, he was the most eloquent and generous person I had ever met. Obviously, I get out a little more these days…

Back in the late 1980s when Edmonds was a senior member of the British National Party (BNP), he lost his well-paid job and put almost every penny (from his hush money from Cable & Wireless to disappear and never darken their door again) into a bookshop he hoped would spread Nazism like the formidable disease it is.

It certainly worked in that part of south London, not long after the BNP’s bookshop opened black and Asians were actually murdered by gangs of young men fuelled up on the sort of hatred the bookshop encouraged.

Edmonds, also a former schoolteacher, would hold court for people in the bookshop’s darkly lit kitchen for anyone who wanted to listen. He would cook for anyone there who was hungry. Literally, he would give them his last slice of bread.

With Wagner playing softly in the background and Edmonds cooking vegetarian mince on a portable stove, one felt they would never feel any closer to the actual final days in the infamous bunker in Berlin, ever.


The NF have offered all kinds of defences as to why Edmonds looks so dishevelled. The main appears to be that they have no money. According to the party’s Chairman Kev Bryan, they are all volunteers and so, I presume, someone (Edmonds) has to pay for them all to get pissed.

Bryan isn’t of course being entirely honest. He recently received a small stipend to pay for his boozing on behalf of the party. For the price of five of those pints of piss he has to drink just to lead the party, Bryan himself could pop over to Primark and furnish out of his beer fund a new coat for the man who has pumped thousands of pounds into the party. But does he?

For raising her question, Ms Burton is now charged with spreading HOPE not hate propaganda and, apparently, demeaning Edmonds. How bizarre. Anybody who saw Edmonds on the NF’s shuffle to the Cenotaph last year would themselves have wondered how they could continue shoving him up the road when he was in a state of illness, with snot dripping from his nose, almost frozen to death, to speak at their rally because nobody else could string a coherent sentence together.

Edmonds struggled to make it up Whitehall soaked to the bone last November

One of those most indignant was Jordan Pont, the NF’s self-appointed head of security. He demanded Ms Burton remove our post from her Facebook page for “security reasons”. No doubt, Pont would burn Facebook if he could…

Jordan Pont; piles of trouble

He then went on to admonish Ms Burton for liking kinky sex and not being a front-line hardman like himself. He even bragged to Ms Burton how much of a well-respected Nazi he personally is. It’s true, we have always held him in high esteem….

Pont throws around his considerable stupidity

Then the whole thing just became silly. Pont complained about sex and haemorrhoids and poor old Richard Edmonds was left out in the cold.

Pont throws around his considerable stupidity

I’m no fan of the NF, but as much as it may upset many, I would still doff my cap at Mr Edmonds in the street. He reminds me how no matter how hard working, generous and committed you are to these sorts of people, they’ll always rob you and work you to death like a dog in the end.

Anyway, for Jordan’s benefit, we included a little pic of Ms Burton (above) from the NF’s 2011 shuffle to the Cenotaph, with a rather more resplendent Richard Edmonds in the background.


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