Whatever happened to… Part IX

Matthew Collins - 02 08 18

As part of an irregular series, I am minded to look back at what has happened to some of our favourite fascists.

Nazi gigs

Blackpool’s nazi gig

First of all though, let’s just warn people who may be heading to Blackpool this weekend for some sunshine. The neo-Nazi gang behind ‘English Rose’ and ‘Tattooed Mother Fuckers’ have invited some German neo-Nazis to town for a “gig” on Saturday night.

Usual stuff, shite musicians giving nazi salutes and getting pissed before heading off into the night to attack black people. If you guessed the gig is being held at the Talbot Social Club, you would also be right.

I’m pretty sure there are licensing laws against this sort of thing?

Camera shy

Alex Davies spotted out-and-about with his big Aryan arms

We have not written about National Action co-founder Alex Davies for a while. When he’s not “out and about” in Cardiff he appears to have gone to ground in Swansea, not far from fellow co-founder Ben Raymond.

There was much mirth in Nazi circles earlier this week when Davies and his “under developed arms” appeared on ITN on his way home from Tescos.

According to ITN, the government’s ‘Prevent’ programme considered him in danger of being radicalised and eventually, a year after he formed National Action, he engaged with their programme.

It says something about Prevent that all the time they were worried about this poor dear being radicalised, he was building a terror group that would eventually be banned by the government. He was actually radicalising others, to be frank.

The analogy from the geezer in the pub was that it’s a bit like saying a mass murderer with a knife is a danger to himself. That’s the kind of stuff blokes in the pub say, I guess. Of course, Davies was not the only one cooperating with Prevent.

The other most noticeable individual from the gang who I will not name, but let’s describe him as Liverpool’s very own “Micky Pearce”, was also working with them and prevented actually nothing at all – not even fashion faux pas or satanic rituals on the Yorkshire Moors.

Bigging it up?

But fear not, fresh from claiming he was the founder and leader of Combat 18 (he was not) and that the National Front funded ISIS (they do not) Prevent-funded Nigel Bromage is now claiming he was also in National Action.

After more than the odd raised eyebrow this reference has now been removed from an article in the Big Issue. What a shame Nigel is going around hoodwinking a magazine that does such good work.

Nigel is currently advising Manchester City Council on extremism. Last year he claimed the most dangerous far-right group in Britain was the Ku Klux Klan. Gripping bullshit, no less.

I am also reliably informed that Bromage was also involved in this scandal.

Liberty Defenders vs MBGA

Scott: Wants to hurt other nasty right-wing types who call him a nasty right-wing type

It’s been a while since we mentioned Timothy Scott, the man made famous by one of the most infamous car-crash interviews in British television history.

Scott is now back in the far right and has teamed up with Anglo-Bengali Jew hater, Jack Sen. Sen is nothing if not a disruptive influence on the far right.

Now it appears he and Scott, using the name “Liberty Defenders” are terrorising the “Make Britain Great Again” campaign, namely Luke Nash Jones.

Nash Jones hiding out with the police

Their own hysteria has now run to a 25 minute YouTube video and many, many updates on their dangerous plight, hiding from Scott. Leave them to it, I say.

Nash Jones tells the world he’s worried

Feeling kinda blue

Kevin Watmough with his mates from National Action

And finally, Kevin Watmough of Redwatch infamy. 

Yorkshire’s most irritable nazi has not been doing much stalking of ‘reds’ lately due to the continued decline of both his marriage and his business empire. It’s not stopped him being a nasty nazi trying to flog his tatty wares, though.

I understand Jordan Pont recently made the National Front stop buying merchandise from him. That’ll hurt.

Still not to worry, it took the National Front three days to announce the resignation of their leader, that’s three days later than we announced it.

Who can forget what Watmough likes on the interacial interweb

What “Watty” is still doing with lots and lots of National Action flags and stickers is anyone’s business: you cannot sell them, Kevin, even if Ze Germans do want them. Rumour is that Ben Raymond has also asked for his money back on the order of National Action flags that Watmough never delivered to the group.

Anyway, we hear it’s worse than just a loss of earnings for Kev. It’s more like Bedwatch than Redwatch for ‘Cuckold Kev’ these days – when he is not watching interracial porn on his laptop he’s getting regular updates of a kind that makes him feel rather blue.


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