Far right round up

Matthew Collins - 16 08 18

Well, it was three years to the day yesterday since the mighty National Action cowered inside the left luggage at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station.

Oh, what a day that was.

Some of the chief Nazi protagonists’ present then are now safely locked up.

We’re happy to report however, that the left luggage office at Lime Street has recovered although a lingering stench has lead to relocation to a new unit around the corner..


We’re all aware that not everyone from National Action learned their lessons that day- least of all the Scottish branch.

Despite having two subsequent incarnations of National Action banned and the Scottish leader Nicholas Waugh getting very upset with being named last week, you’ll not be surprised to learn there is still lots of running around with masks on going on up in Scotland.

Scottish Nazi boys still running around like Nazi boys.

With Spud’s former girlfriend’s permission, I’ll be bringing you a full update in their naughty, nutty, neo-Nazi shenanigans when I get back from Barcelona.


No sooner had I upset some snowflake last week by merely pointing out Aryan Warlord Alex Davies has “underdeveloped arms”, it appears the founder of National Action and all round “love gun for hire” got the old tin tac from his job. This is because he failed to mention when cold-calling customers that he was the founder of a Nazi terrorist group.

I won’t go into all the gory details here, but there are certain people who concern themselves with the liberation of animals who themselves do not seem to care too much about Alex’s past (and present) political beliefs.

Tiny-armed Alex Davies.

I’m sure those people would know more than most, that if you do lay down with dogs, you do stand a better chance of getting fleas.

Yes, his weird mate with the dodgy shed in Yorkshire-Mark Jones, does design nice posters and t-shirts. But just remember where the artwork he does for your t-shirts originates from. Please.

Davies currently goes under the name Leon Degrelle when trying to infiltrate polite society.

As well as Hunt Saboteurs, he has been trying to ingratiate himself with the left. I’m reliably informed that much of his socialising with the socialists is an attempt to learn some long words and meet an intelligent woman. Yes, he really is the oxymoron.


Still there is good news for another Nazi, former jailbird Liam Pinkham.

Liam has grown his Nazi hair.

He’ll no longer be trawling dating sites worried about his lonely nights. I’m not sure what’s so embarrassing about dating Liam, but it appears Alexandra Burton is really worried that we will run an entire story about it.

We won’t, I promise, because we know exactly why Ms Burton is so worried about the news slipping out.

Still, I do think going house hunting together after only a week is a bit premature, even for Liam. Still, it’s not even his cash, is it? He’s really landed on his feet there. Again. I wonder if he will demand the walls in his new abode are sprayed with swastikas, like his old place was?


Down in London things have been very quiet of late. This is in no small way down to the imprisonment earlier this year of Jez Turner for inciting racial hatred.

One of Turner’s last acts before prison was to inform boy wonder Stead Steadman to clean up the London Forum’s mailing list and in the main, remove most of his friends from said list.

Since then there has been absolutely nothing happening for the Forum in London and a long planned Forum meeting in Bristol was abruptly cancelled earlier this month because of arguments in the National Front.

Steadman will not be forced into long pants.

I’m not the only one to have noticed Steadman’s dark mood of late.

Even if he has got a Nazi shindig in Denmark to look forward to (and is positively laying out different pairs of shorts in excited anticipation for the trip), it is in London where his heart most certainly is.

So fear not, racial brethren. Steadman has organised a Nazi shindig down in Rotherhithe, South East London, where Nazis can gather together and worship their pagan Gods, blow horns, dress up in bags and skirts, salute each other and gorge themselves on the Aryan honey provided by former BNP man Chris Livingstone.

The function is being billed by Steadman as “Blót til Fróða ok aldar gulls” and is being held on Sunday the 26th August, at 2pm at 120 Lower Road Rotherhithe,SE16 2UB.

Here, alongside a yoga studio and hotel, you will find a Swedish Seamen’s Church where they may, or may not, conduct sacrifices to Frodo and the golden age.

So, if you fancy a bit of “The second blót of harvestide” – which is basically a gathering of mad Nazis and Steadman dressed like an evacuee from the wartime Luftwaffe’s bombing escapades-  head for South East London. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of delightful types there.

I recommend on your way, getting a Jamaican pattie down on Jamaica Road first.

Looks quite erotic, but will no doubt be shite.


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