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Matthew Collins - 17 09 18

Well, it looks like the saga of who will lead the National Front (NF) into its next acrimonious split has been decided. Croydon’s Tony Martin has been handed the poison chalice. While Martin was congratulating himself, it seems his current squeeze was having somewhat of a meltdown back home in Newtonards.

During the meltdown the former Britain First hanger-on admitted she has twice attacked the local mosque in her town. Obviously she does not want the “peelers” to know this, because despite us reporting her acknowledging she tried to burn the mosque down in 2015, it appears nothing was done about it.

Mellor admits it was her – twice

Stephen Lennon’s former bodyguard Andy Currien has been back out on the streets lately, stomping around Worcester with another former English Defence League (EDL) bigwig Steve Eddowes. Eddowes was the short-lived leader of the EDL when Lennon was having either a temporary epiphany or another spell of porridge. I forget which it was.

Eddowes and Currien marching to an old tune again?

Anyway, in his previous existence Currien was linked to a death after a racist brawl. Currien was one of six men convicted in 2009 after a 59 year-old man was crushed to death by a car following a fight outside a pub.

Not that such a thing would bother the EDL, if anything it positively made Currien (who uses the sobriquet Andy Saxon) even more of a hero to the gang. Over the weekend, Currien and his gang took to driving around the Black Country in a van looking for “grooming gangs”. Yes, you get the picture here.

Anyway, it would appear that no sooner did PC Plod hear of this ruse, they probably assumed it was exactly what it was and paid Mr Currien a visit and asked him to desist.

The appearance of Currien and Eddowes back on EDL demonstrations is of some interest. Another former Lennon loyalist, Tony Curtis has also began making appearances again.

Tony Curtis, forgiven and forgotten

Curtis spoke at the EDL’s recent rally in Worcester (‘a town they cannot even pronounce’). Curtis was once a most favoured general in the group but left in disgust after being dumped by the roadside amid the EDL’s infamous evacuation from Walthamstow way back in 2012. Curtis went on to form the National Patriotic Alliance which lasted about three weeks.

The rumour is that people are circling the bones of the EDL because its nominal leader Alan Spence has lost absolutely all interest in actually leading the group any longer. While the EDL are getting drunk and stupid around the country, it appears Alan Spence now prefers motorcycles to motor-mouths.

It would be of no surprise if Lennon’s old PA Hel Gower – who used to own much of the EDL’s merchandising rights – was to also suddenly put in an appearance. Whatever happens, it wont be all that it appears…

McDonagh: Shirtless and friendless

Talking of motor-mouths, the fall from grace of Adam McDonagh is now in full swing. Not only was he kicked out of the ‘Yorkshire Patriots’ for self-promotion, it appears others have taken somewhat of a dislike to his latest funding proposals. 

McDonagh recently took a break from updating his Facebook page with his every living and breathing thought to also speak at the EDL’s Worcester protest.

Adam McDonagh and Stephen Lennon: McDonagh before having a makeover to look like his hero

According to the unkind souls now rubbishing his reputation, McDonagh is so taken with Stephen Lennon that he not only had his haircut like Lennon’s he actually now wants to dress like him. “Poundland Tommy” one of his so-called friends has called him.

Anyway, here is a little video clip of McDonagh in action that was forwarded to us by one of his so-called friends.

McDonagh hoping Denis Norden never sees this.

With friends like that etc, etc.


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