Fleeing, begging and general flights of far-right fantasy

09 07 19

If you do social media, it’s unlikely you will have escaped the pained warbling’s of Tommyphiles these last few days. Yes, the Messiah and recidivist criminal Stephen Yaxley Lennon was found guilty last week of contempt of court.

Of course, if you have been subjected to Tommyphilia, you will have been subjected to all sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories.   Just so you are certain, not only is ‘Tommy Robinson’s’ real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon, apparently there are legal letters doing the rounds asserting there is no hyphen between Yaxley and Lennon!

But I digress. Angry, ranting men and women are of the apparent and most mistaken belief that Lennon has actually been convicted for bringing a Muslim grooming gang to bear and upsetting the sex gang whose trial he nearly brought to collapse in 2018.

‘Danny Tommo’ : Next in line for the Lennon make over?

Arguing with such people is also pointless. The idea you can “expose” a grooming gang that is already in court is bizarre. Here is the judicial review. Agree with it or not, these would appear to be irrefutable facts, no?

Still, a Stephen Lennon court appearance does appear to bring all the boys to the party, and so it was the overspill of violence at the Old Bailey last week, had many of the usual suspects present.

James Goddard: Will get nicked for pennies

It was also not a great day to be a ‘Paypal Patriot’. The potential sentencing of Lennon to prison for his offences means an almighty drain of the resources of the desperate and dateless who fund ‘DIY’ patriotism. As serial arrestee James Goddard was being carted off- for literally no offence at all it turns out, one could but help wonder how much lucre would possibly be left in the pot for his next boil-in-the bag begging vlog- what with the leader himself, Lennon, about to launch the mother of all appeal for funds. Again.

Lennon’s annual spell’s at her majesty’s displeasure normally manage to unite a whole nation of fanboys and fangirls (‘Tommyphiles’) in outrage, ignorance and panic. A whole host of cheap impersonators fill the vacuum his absence creates with cheap stunts and permanent begging bowls to at least furnish their wardrobe’s like Lennon’s.

In these wholly desperate and disinteresting times, the neatly coiffured Daniel Thomas, the would-be kidnapper affectionately known as ‘Danny Tommo’ would be the favourite to step up and fill the gaping hole in our life left by Lennon’s absence. However, ‘Tommo’ has been suffering an inordinate amount of abuse from his own side, with many complaining he is a self-appointed financial drain. Worse still, one of ‘Tommo’s’ biggest detractors is none other than Tracey Blackwell from the ‘Justice for our Boys’ campaign. Blackwell has become somewhat of the silent Matriarch of the ‘Yellow Vest’ and ‘DIY’ movements, and held in justifiable awe by many, most of all the increasingly and equally formidable and irritable Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA).

She recently took ‘Tommo’ to task. Here is the video in full.

‘Daniel Tommo’ never getting paid for his work

Anyway, back to Lennon. One of those who was rattling and rolling outside his appearance at the Old Bailey was that loveable rogue, David Coppin. Nazi fanboy Coppin travels the length and width of Britain in support of anything either mildly or extremely racist. He does prefer these days, to leave his Filipino wife at home, what with people pointing out that David’s wife is hardly compatible with his political life.

David Coppin: National Action neo-Nazi fanboy

Only a year or so ago Coppin was suggesting immigration in Britain was so bad and such a sore to his big, beautiful brown eyes, that he was himself considering a rather queer ‘white flight’ by moving to the Philippines.  Despite his hatred of Muslims, he was hell bent on heading there where no doubt he was to expect himself to be treated in the manner his thinks he is worthy. It must have struck a chord.

Coppin: Don’t make sense, does it Dave?

We’ve heard little more on Coppin’s dubious flight of fancy for a while, but the idea of flight has certainly caught on with Stephen Lennon.

Despite being sentenced to prison in 2013 for entering the USA on a false passport, Lennon has issued a plea for asylum to the US President Donald Trump.  Sadly, Lennon seems to want to go there illegally, declaring his name is ‘Tommy Robinson!’ You couldn’t make it up! Whilst begging for asylum, the serial liar forgets his name.
Lennon begging to be grant political asylum in the US is here.


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