Tommy Robinson breaks court injunction and could be heading back to prison

Nick Lowles - 08 06 23

UPDATE – 8th November 2023: Tommy Robinson has confirmed that the Attorney General will be commencing legal proceedings against him.

UPDATE – 15th June 2023: We’ve unearthed a clue that proves Tommy Robinson deliberately broke a court injunction – which could land him two years in prison.

  • A couple of weeks ago, a far-right media platform in the US released a documentary made by Tommy about Jamal.
  • Tommy said that the release has nothing to do with him. But we know that isn’t true – and we can prove it.
  • Most of the documentary was made a few years ago – before the court case. But Tommy has recorded a new message for the end of the documentary.
  • We did a little research on that clip, and worked out that it was filmed at the Grand Aston hotel in Havana, Cuba.
  • We managed to track down details of Tommy’s movements and we have now confirmed that he was in Havana this April and he spent four days at the hotel
  • This proves that Tommy has been involved in the production and release of the film – exactly what the judge ordered him NOT to do.
  • We want the Attorney General to act, getting justice for Jamal and sending Tommy back to prison.
  • But we need your help. Will you sign our letter to the Attorney General asking her to begin legal proceedings?

HOPE not hate is calling on the Attorney General to bring Contempt of Court proceedings against Stephen Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) for a quite blatant breach of an injunction served on him in July 2021, after he lost a libel case brought against him by Syrian teenager Jamal Hijazi. This could land Tommy in prison.

The High Court injunction forbade Lennon, or anyone else for that matter, repeating the six libellous claims against Hijazi. It was issued after it became clear that Lennon was planning to release a film repeating these claims despite his defeat in court.

The injunction was very clear. “If you the defendant disobey this order you may be held in contempt of court and may be imprisoned or fined or have your assets seized,” it read.

“Any person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits any person to whom this order applies to breach the terms of the order may be held in contempt of court and may be imprisoned or fined or have their assets seized.”

On 25 May 2023, Lennon’s film, Silenced, was released on the internet. The 92-minute film claimed that Lennon was the victim of a conspiracy to hide the truth because he was openly questioning the Government’s “open borders” policy and included interviews with fellow pupils and staff from Hijazi’s school.

All six libellous allegations mentioned in the injunction were clearly broken.

Lennon even accused the judge of being corrupt and throwing the case for his political masters – something that will clearly weigh on the judge’s mind if a Contempt hearing is held.

Lennon has been acutely aware that prison is a possible consequence for releasing this film, hence it was put online by the US outfit MICE Media and he has publicly claimed that he has had nothing to do with it. He admits to making the film, but claims it was handed over to Alex Jones, from InfoWars, before the injunction was issued and so he can’t be held responsible for its release.

Of course, Lennon is lying and HOPE not hate can prove it. We are currently amassing a wealth of information which we will send to the Attorney General along with a letter asking her to take up the case. The Attorney General has the power to apply to the High Court for Contempt of Court proceedings to begin if she feels the evidence of a breach is there and it is in the public interest for her to take on the case.

Our dossier will argue that Lennon was instrumental in the film’s release, that parts of the film were added after the injunction was issued and that he and his team have actively promoted it since its release.

Lennon never accepted the verdict in the libel case. After being advised by his own lawyers that he was likely to lose, he contrived a divorce and bankruptcy to ensure that Jamal Hijazi and his legal team never received a penny of the damages and costs awarded against him. He has been waiting for his moment to release the film and MICE Media gave him the platform he needed to get it out.

Unfortunately for Lennon, his fingerprints are all over the film’s release. He repeated insistence that he only knew of its planned release shortly before it was put online is contrary to his own presentation to an event in Copenhagen hosted by the Danish People’s Party and the Free Speech Society in which he premiered the film and stated to the audience: “My job is to get as many eyes on this film as humanly possible.”

In trying to promote the film, whilst at the same time claiming not to be involved in its release, Lennon has intentionally or unintentionally dropped some of his key aides in legal hot water too. Urban Scoop, the company that Lennon works for (but of course he secretly runs), has sent out several emails to hundreds of thousands of people providing links to the film and encouraging people to watch it. Urban Scoop is the trading name of Freestyle Freelance Ltd, a Luton-based run by Adam Geary. Better known as “Nem”, Geary is Lennon’s closest advisor and has been by his side since the outset of the EDL. Another key Lennon lieutenant, Daniel Thomas, has also uploaded the film onto Twitter, again, clearly breaking the injunction. We will also be asking the Attorney General to also take action against Geary and Thomas too.

The evidence against Lennon is overwhelming and will soon be in the hands of the Attorney General. In the meantime, as we put this dossier together, we are asking our supporters to co-sign our letter to the Attorney General. We need to demonstrate to her that it is in the public interest hold Lennon in contempt.

Please co-sign our letter to the Attorney General to help us send Tommy to prison.

Sign our letter to the Attorney General to send Tommy to prison

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