Far-right round-up

Sarah Archibald - 05 06 20

Back in March, my colleague reported on efforts by a series of low-level former British National Party (BNP) lowlifes’ to try and replicate the BNP from the days before it became mildly successful for a short time.

This very idea was somewhat confusing because the party, which once had 2 MEPs and a scattering of councilors around the country is already operating and performing at its lowest ebb since it was founded in 1982.

Hollings: An argument waiting to happen

My colleague, Matthew Collins, predicted the venture would fail because the person orchestrating it was an argumentative amatorculist who had further entrusted this holy mission doomed to failure by its very nature, to a man best known for crashing both the moribund National Front and his car, into a bus; Kev Bryan.

Crashes another Nazi group

Amazingly, not long after the article was published, the prediction came true. Well, probably not that amazingly, to be honest.

Peter Hollings, the architect of boundless self-belief and disharmony had a falling out with every living and breathing person on social media and earned himself a formidable ban from many of the platforms he needed to use to build the new movement based on an old movement steeped in failure.

Kev Bryan: Keeper of the faith, protector of the language

Undeterred Hollings took himself off to further the cause elsewhere, leaving Bryan, resplendent with a resume resembling something stolen from the Bob Monkhouse jokebook in charge.

Breath was more than baited as Bryan toyed with the very idea he could raise himself to the level of complete and utter incompetence that made BNP’s founder John Tyndall so heroic.

Hollings: A racist thing

If anything, the lockdown and sweeping racism and conspiracy theories, should have helped Bryan build this movement. With the bookies shut and The Happy Garden not doing deliveries he should’ve used the ample time and opportunity to put his not considerable talent to building that well-oiled Nazi machine.

Hollings: Paid by the piper?

Instead, two months of inaction (other than getting himself oiled), has left Bryan bereft of ideas or motivation as he succumbed to his own demons and decided not to pursue the idea.

The project is now dead. Like Tyndall.

Old boots

This pot-valor to build a new Nazi party based on an old Nazi party (or two) occurs every couple of years. The true depths of the depravity of the idea this time, was that anyone believed Hollings was sincere and Bryan capable.

But it would appear Hollings was not necessarily absent the whole time the project was having a death roll.  Could Hollings also be the horrendous, suspicious and vulgar Zensure Frei who laid claim to owning the project’s website? Expect a flare up any day now…

Women to blame as always

Everyone says the current star rising in Naziland is our old favourite, Mark Collett. Beloved for his numerous television appearances crying in a pub beer garden, stripped half naked and crying in his bedroom, tied up by the National Front (and crying) and hating women who don’t love him,   Collett belatedly launched his new movement/political party last year.

Robertson: Still unloved

Collett’s Patriotic Alliance is as the name suggests, an alternative to patriotism. It’s Nazism.

Talk about ideas above your station. Collett firmly did not want old ‘friends’ from the National Front, National Action or the BNP in his new group. He also didn’t want real ale drinkers apparently; he wanted middle class wine drinkers for a vanity project in his own, vain image.

And so it was up to his new friends to cause him embarrassment.  Troubled Colin Robertson (aka Millennium Woes), famous for vlogging whilst sipping fizzy drinks and smoking tabs from a bedroom at his father’s home bemoaning he could not find a woman to grovel at his feet, was the first in what will be a long line of people lining up to embarrass Collett’s vanity venture.

Robertson (big heels, far -right) before retiring

At Collett’s over-priced weekend piss-up mid pandemic in March, Robertson is accused of extremely unbecoming behaviour by a number of his far-right detractors. I won’t furnish you further with the disgusting details.

Robertson has since submitted he is taking a break from his ‘normal’ activities.

Whatever the outcome, it has not stopped Collett lauding Robertson’s talk at the conference, surprisingly on the topic of “the male/female dynamic and self-improvement.”

Goodness me.  Back in 2017 I blogged how Collett was angry about women thinking for themselves and what with Robertson’s own and persistent airing of his own ‘issues’ about women not loving him, you can imagine what Robertson’s talk was like.

Butler: Got a blackshirt but no books

Robertson’s self-esteem is so disastrously low, he thinks negging while standing on a stool and smoking is going to meet him the woman of his very disturbed dreams. Enjoy the rest, little boy. Make it a long one.

Those old friends...

Despite a very crowded field of Nazi and fascist groups and parties, there just isn’t enough footsoldiers to fill the ranks of them.

The variants of extremity and the painstaking hours worrying by some ambitious fascists about how best to use and cultivate hatreds and how best to promote them in such dire circumstances, becomes more and more like perfectly crafting the proverbial pinhead in a haystack.

When so few are answering their call to arms, this lack of membership is actually soul-destroying for the many tin-pot dictators who desire to earn a living by leading other swiveled eyed racists into social, political and economic isolation.

Butler and friends patrolling the coastline last week

Mark Collett had years on his hands and knees trying to perfect what he wants and it seems, even without denim wearing beer drinkers,  his new group is just as degenerate (if not more) as everything else he has ever been associated with. Who can forget those nights hanging around the doors at the Kimberly hotel, eh?

The Butler did it

One other such person who has much finesse at this near-science of perfecting failure is Eddy Butler.  Ever since he was credited with and then decapitated for the BNP’s successes, Butler continues in an endless search for his pay-off.

Now in For Britain, Butler told his cronies earlier this year that he no longer wants to lead any political party. Instead he is readying himself for some kind of beatification as the great if not greatest mind, the British far-right has had since Joe Pearce.

To be fair to Butler, in his forty or so years as bag carrier for people often dimmer but more pleasant than himself, he has seen and done a hell of a lot. Fighting a Nazi pornographer for the hand of an aging ‘glamour girl’ outside Enfield police station is probably one of the most bizarre.

Forgoing lofty ambitions and settling instead for breakfast at motorway service stations, Butler has taken to self-elevate himself to be an almost elder statesman of the far-right. He’s bought himself a desk, a lamp and a few tatty flags along the way to cement this idea for YouTube viewers.

As of yet we have not seen the obligatory bookshelf, but it doesn’t take much to image a damp copy of Mein Kampf behind him.

An old bag

A once proud bagman for masculine types like John Tyndall, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons- purveyors of the Aryan patriarchy, Butler now crosses the I’s and dots the G&T’s for Anne Marie Waters, who makes her life mission ignoring his advice while leading For Britain instead of Butler.

Goddard: Gormless follower of Collett these days

It’s the obsession with finessing pinheads in haystacks that once more sees Butler and Collett crossing swords.  Collett’s Patriotic Alternative are no fans of For Britain. It mainly boils down to an argument as to who is the worst; Jews or Muslims.  And also, that Waters is a woman, an Irish woman.

Such is the breadth and width of the available opportunities for racial hatred and Hitler worshipping these days, the two groups beg to differ as to which ethnic group should be persecuted first and foremost. The youthful, partially dressed Collett has apparently unleashed his hounds of hell in the guise of ‘Groypers’, annoying internet trolls in the guise of James Goddard  to disrupt the on-line activities of For Britain, whose lack of Jew hating and presence of a woman at the top is anathema.

The two groups have invested so much of their precious lockdown time on attacking each other that there’s been little time spent on the actual job in hand of building a proper Nazi party that excites the arbiter of Nazi angst, Peter Hollings.

Waters was the first to respond to Collett’s boundless antagonism. In between writing groveling letters that arrive almost daily to her supporters offering half price membership for a slice of their furloughed salaries she addressed her attackers with a rant about racism.

When this did surprisingly little to stop the barrage of insults and antagonisms from Collett’s soiled corner, it was left to Bagman Butler in his capacity of worldly bore to take Collett to task. Sitting at his desk looking like a two-bob John Tyndall, Butler addressed the naughty Nazism of Mark Collett.

Resplendent in black shirt (nice choice, every fascist should have one), Butler droned on and on about how people generally don’t like Nazis. He didn’t actually say he didn’t like them himself, or that the Nazis were wrong, but mainly advised Collett to not be so openly Nazi.

Whilst carrying out this YouTube trauma on behalf on M’Lady, Butler took the leisurely opportunity to leaf through his collection of obscure and long forgotten far-right periodicals that carry a lifetime of his weighted words on the subject of why Nazis should not be so openly Nazi.

Some great hits from this back catalogue of electoral insults you may recall include telling boneheads to wear a suit and hat when out campaigning for the BNP.   


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