64% of Londoners think Susan Hall’s social media conduct is racist

07 10 23

HOPE not hate polls Londoners about Susan Hall’s conduct

Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, has been found to have a history of racist social media activity. HOPE not hate’s researchers have found Susan Hall liking posts on X/Twitter endorsing Enoch Powell, Islamophobic tropes about Sadiq Khan, supporting the myth that the 2020 American election was stolen from Donald Trump and expressing a disdain for the press and democracy.

HOPE not hate polled Londoners to find out what they think about Hall’s suitability for Mayor of London, their views on London’s diversity and the issues that they care the most about. 

Key Takeaways

From our poll, we found that 64% of Londoners would consider a London Mayoral candidate who liked tweets that were Islamophobic and opposed multiculturalism in London to be racist. And of those who were planning on voting for Hall, 58% would consider this conduct to be racist. It’s clear voters don’t approve of this kind of social media behaviour.
Not only do Londoners consider her kind of behaviour to be racist, it would influence their decision on whether or not to vote for her. 61% of Londoners would be less likely to vote for Susan Hall if it is proved she liked racist and Islamophobic tweets. Answering the same question, 48% of those planning to vote for Hall would be less likely to vote for her.
Londoners also support the Conservative Party taking action on Susan Hall. 59% of Londoners think that the Conservative Party should suspend and investigate Hall. We’ve written to Greg Hands MP, the Conservative Party Chairman, calling for there to be an investigation and for Hall to be suspended.

London is a diverse and multicultural city. 81% of Londoners think that having a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures is part of London culture. It’s clear that multiculturalism is deeply valued. On that basis, 74% of Londoners don’t think that a London Mayoral candidate who likes racist and Islamophobic comments can fairly represent all Londoners if elected. 

For Londoners, the cost of living crisis is the most important issue facing the city at this time. 55% of people said that the cost of living crisis was the most important issue, with the joint second most important issues being housing and crime trailing with 30% of people choosing them. 

Susan Hall’s social media conduct is a clear turn off for London’s voters, they think that her social media conduct is racist, that it would make them less likely to vote for her and that the Conservative Party should take action. 

It’s clear that Londoners think that Susan Hall is not fit to represent the city and all its diversity. It’s been shameful to see senior Conservative MPs defending Hall’s racist social media conduct.

The Conservative Party must suspend Susan Hall immediately and ultimately, she must be removed as a candidate.

Sign our open letter to Greg Hands, the Conservative Party Chairman, to call on him to suspend and investigate Susan Hall.

HOPE not hate 1003 polled Londoners. The poll was conducted by Focaldata from 24-25 September.


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