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HOPE not hate - 04 12 23

2023 has been undeniably tough, with the far right resurfacing on our streets, sowing violence and division across the UK. From Remembrance Weekend demonstrations to over 100 anti-migrant protests, we’ve been closely tracking the unsettling resurgence.

Yet, all this work comes at a cost. Throughout 2023, our dedicated team faced challenges that hit too close to home – staff faced death threats, rape threats, intimidation, and coordinated harassment. This scale of abuse has a significant impact on their well-being, and that of their friends and loved ones. It should never be tolerated.

In the face of the resurgent far right, spreading violence and threatening our democracy, we are standing at a critical juncture. The challenges of our time — far-right violence, intimidation, and the erosion of democracy — are very real and urgent. Your donation isn’t just a financial contribution; it’s a commitment to a safer, more inclusive future for all.

By supporting the research and intelligence work of HOPE not hate this Christmas you can help us distinguish the keyboard warriors from those who actively intend on doing us harm. Please support us today to stay on top of the threats and intimidation, and unmask the perpetrators.


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