Jamie Brown: Dundee Community Council Chair’s fascist politics exposed

David Lawrence - 12 03 24

Jamie Brown is Chair of Invergowrie and Kingoodie Community Council near Dundee, and has received local press coverage for campaigning against proposed bus cuts in Perthshire. 

However, HOPE not hate can reveal that he is a key activist of the fascist Homeland Party – a group that splintered from Patriotic Alternative, the UK’s most active fascist organisation, in April 2023. Brown has also made numerous highly antisemitic statements and has spoken positively of Hitler’s Germany. 

Homeland, which registered as a political party in January, attempts to downplay its extreme politics and encourages activists to infiltrate parish and community councils, the lowest tier of local government, in order to establish power at the local level. Other community councillors in Scotland include Simon Crane on East Calder and District Community Council in West Lothian, and David Gardner on Forfar Community Council in Angus.

Despite Homeland’s attempts to launder its image, most of its activists are drawn from PA and have spent years immersed in noxious racial ideologies and antisemitic conspiracy theories. We have previously exposed other Homeland community and parish councillors for having made nazi salutes and extreme anti-Jewish statements.

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown, Chair of Invergowrie and Kingoodie Community Council and Homeland Party activist

Brown, a post office worker who previously used the pseudonym “Mean Peem”, first came onto our radar for his attempt to “groyp” the actress Danniella Westbrook in July 2020, tricking her into saying a far-right slogan on a video stream. “Groyping” is a tactic that was popular among the British far right during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Activists would contact streams or talk radio shows, often under false pretences, and attempt to insert far-right talking points into the broadcasts.

That same month, Brown wrote that he had “Been aware of jq [Jewish Question] for a while but only just got round to reading this”, posting a photo of the notorious book The Culture of Critique by the American antisemite Kevin Maconald. In December 2020, he referred to the author Ayn Rand as “k*ke scum”. 

Brown posts a copy of a notorious antisemitic book

On 26 October 2021, during a debate in an anti-vaccine Telegram group, Brown wrote: 

“The nazis didn’t “wipe out all culture”, that was what the allies did when they firebox [sic] education the museums and art galleries of dresden. The 3rd reich had nothing but respect for classic European culture. They destroyed subversive Communist filth, they burned down Magnus Hirschfields sex change institute and the disgusting nonsense they found within. You’re complaining about that?”

He also engaged in Holocaust denial and said of Edward I, who issued the Edict of Expulsion that banished all Jewish people from England: “I’m conflicted on Longshanks. Yes he was the Hammer of the Scots but he also expelled a certain tribe”.

A post made by Jamie Brown on 11 December 2022

He also used the white supremacist 14 Words slogan and on 19 September 2022, wrote:

Literally never seen a good looking middle eastern woman in real life. The ones that don’t wear the hijab look like goblins.

As a member of PA, Brown co-hosted the official PA Talk podcast alongside Simon Crane, which was rebranded “HomeTalk” after the formation of Homeland in April 2023. The show was eventually discontinued due to poor viewing figures.

HOPE not hate and The Ferret have previously exposed James Munro, a Homeland Party activist in Dundee, for his past in the tiny but extreme neo-Nazi group, the Scottish Nationalist Society.

James Munro (left) in 2019. He is now an activist with the Homeland Party in Dundee.

Read our exposé of Homeland’s West Midland’s activists here.

For more in-depth analysis on the Homeland Party, read our report: The Fascist Fringe: Patriotic Alternative and its Splinter Groups

Read the full report



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